Finding Nemo Party Ideas

Finding Nemo party ideas are perfect for your child's next birthday party! Who is Nemo? Nemo is a little clown fish who lives in the ocean with his Dad, Marlin. Nemo is captured by a scuba diving dentist on a boat, who takes him to Sydney, Australia. Nemo finds himself in a fish tank in the dentist's office with a few other fish.

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Marlin follows the boat to rescue Nemo. Along the way he meets a Regal Tang fish name Dory who has short term memory loss. Their brave and funny adventures, and Marlin's distress about losing his son, endear these wonderful, brave characters to the end we fall in love with Nemo, Dory and Marlin.

It's one of the best children's movies ever...and Big Kids enjoy it as well. How can you incorporate this animated movie into a birthday party at your home? Easy!

Some ideas for Finding Nemo party are: Kids birthday parties

  • school class party
  • After school play party
  • pre-school party

  • Finding Nemo Game Ideas

    Game ideas for a Finding Nemo Party

    • Dory, Dory, Nemo...a classic game with a new twist. Turn Duck Duck Goose into a Nemo party game.
    • Nemo Bean Bag Toss

    Here are instructions to make a Nemo Bean Bag Toss Game. Get a cardboard box, cover it with paper and cut a hole in the front of it. Decorate with pictures of Nemo, Dory and Marlin...and any other fish or sea life from the movie...throw a small clown fish bean bag into the hole. A little revision of that old Carnival game! You can also use sponges with a picture of Nemo glued onto it if you don't have a bean bag fish toy.

    Finding Nemo Party Decorations

    Decorating ideas are easy when Finding Nemo is your party theme. Nemo lives under the sea, so use that as a party theme. You can print out some Clown fish pictures, get some nemo party supplies, and some colorful balloons. You can use some streamers in orange and yellow...maybe a little blue in honor of Dory.

    Party snacks in Fish shapes! Party treats can be "Goldfish" crackers and pretzels and "Swedish Fish".

    Find Nemo Sea Hunt Game

    Get pictures of Nemo or cut out little orange fish shapes out of paper. Hide each little fish around the party room or your can put them into small plastic egg containers and hide those too. Let the kids loose to hunt around the yard and house to find as many fish as they can.

    Finding Nemo Cake Ideas

    Make your own Finding Nemo Cake! You can make a beautiful party cake yourself with the help of a cake topper. All you have to do is bake a cake and frost it. Then you place the cake topper right on top of it and you have just made your child's birthday cake...and it looks great!

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