Free Finding Nemo Coloring Pictures

Get your kids some Finding Nemo Coloring Pictures! They are free and easy to print out for hours of coloring fun! If you don't know the story of Finding Nemo, rent or buy the DVD today! It's a great kids story.

All right...Finding Nemo happens to be one of my very favorite animated movies. It's not just for kids, you will enjoy it too.

Did you know that Ellen Degeneris is the voice of Dory, the Regal Tang fish? Dory has short term memory loss and so do I, so I can totally relate to her forgetfulness! She is a great character.

Finding Nemo Napkins

Price: 3.49

Each of these packages includes 16 of our Finding Nemo Napkins to perfectly complement your other Finding Nemo party supplies.

Finding Nemo Party Birthday Box

Price: 20.99

This basic party package for 8 guests includes Finding Nemo plates, cups, napkins, a table cover, cutlery, streamers, and candles.

Clownfish Personalized Bag Tag

Price: 1.99

Each of these 2.5" x 3.9" laminated Clownfish Personalized Bag Tags comes with a 6" plastic lanyard. Use them to personalize your guests' favor bags or give them out as fun party keepsakes to identify backpacks, sports bags and more. (Each)

All the Finding Nemo Characters

All the Finding Nemo Characters are:

  • Marlin is Nemo's Dad. Marlin is an Ocellaris Clownfish. He is an overprotective father.
  • Dory is a Regal Tang (Paracanthurus hepatus) and suffers from short term memory loss
  • Nemo is an Ocellaris Clownfish. He is embarassed by his Dad's overprotectiveness
  • Gill is a Moorish Idol (Zanclus cornutus) who is trapped in a fish tank at a dentist's office
  • Bloat is a Porcupinefish (Diodon holocanthus)who lives with Gill in the fish tank at the dentist's office
  • Peach is a Starfish (echinoderms) in the dentist's fish tank
  • Gurgle is a Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto) in the fish tank at the dentist's office
  • Bubbles is a yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens) in the office fish tank
  • Deb is a Damselfish (Dascyllus melanurus). She lives in the dentist's fishtank and believes her reflection is another fish named Flo
  • Jacques is a Pacific cleaner shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis) in the dentist's fish tank
  • Nigel is a Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) who helps Marlin and Dory
  • Gerald is another Brown Pelican who tries to eat Marlin and Dory
  • Crush is a Sea Turtle (superfamily Chelonioidea) who helps Marlin and Dory
  • Coral is Nemo's Mom. She is an Ocellaris Clownfish.
  • Squirt is a Sea Turtle (superfamily Chelonioidea) who, with his ad Crush, helps Marlin and Dory
  • Mr. Ray is Nemo's ride to school. He is an Spotted Eagle Ray (Aetobatus narinari)
  • Bruce is a great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) who is a member of "Fish Eaters Anonymous"
  • Anchor is a hammerhead shark, (Sphrynidae) who is a member of "Fish Eaters Anonymous"
  • Chum is a mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) who is a member of "Fish Eaters Anonymous"
  • Dr. Philip Sherman is the dentist. He owns the fish tank that Gill, Nemo and are trapped in
  • Darla is the dentist's neice. The fish are afraid of Darla
  • Sheldon is a seahorse (Hippocampus) in Nemo's class
  • Tad is a long nosed butterfly fish (Chaetodontidae) in the class
  • Pearl is a Flapjack Octopus ((Opisthoteuthis californiana) and Nemo's classmate
  • Kathy is a blue buck-toothed fish in Nemo's class
  • Ted is Pearl's father
  • Bob is Sheldon's father
  • Bill is Tad's father
  • Mr. Johansenn is a flounder (Paralichthys dentatus)
  • Crabs
  • Marlin
  • Barracuda
  • Blenney
  • Anglerfish
  • Moonfish
  • Jellyfish
  • Whale
  • Seagulls
  • Lobsters

Finding Nemo Mylar Balloon Bouquet

Price: 13.99

This Nemo Mylar balloon bouquet features an assortment of shaped balloons. Ribbon included!

Finding Nemo Wall Decorations

Price: 15.99

Each of these packages contains 4 Finding Nemo wall stickers printed on matte vinyl, making these stickers look like they're painted on the wall! They're easy to apply and 100% removable; they won't damage walls or leave a sticky residue. Ages 3+.

Finding Nemo Bubbles

Price: 4.99

Package of 4 mini Finding Nemo bubbles. Ages 3 and up.

Find out more about Nemo and his lucky fin and his adventures as he is taken from his home, the sea, and put into a fishtank in a dentist's office. Find out how his dad, Marlin, travels to save him.

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