Vampire Fangs For Halloween

Buy Vampire Fangs for Halloween to complete that gothic or classic Vampire costume. This year you can complete the look you planned on having with some FX vampire teeth and accessories from this vamp and goth accessories site. Get all the goth stuff you want including Demonia footwear, T-shirts, stockings, Alchemy goth jewelry and Manic Panic hair dyes.

Retractable fangs are going to be available soon but they are going to be in limited quantities, so if you want them, get your order in now.


You can always go for the Glow in the dark teeth, different colored sets or veneers that fit over your real teeth are some of the choices you have. These fanged teeth aren't the only dental accessories you can get at vampfangs. You can find wolfen, gargoyle, zombie teeth and more. Some are dirty and scary looking, perfect for your costume. Some are hand made and 3D. They look so realistic you will probably scare everyone you see.

Check out the Dead Zed Veneers that make it look like you are missing teeth. Or the Razorback Veneers go on your bottom teeth and have two very large pointy teeth sticking up above your lips. You will shock people as you growl at them on your way by their group. You could not ask for more realistic fangs at such affordable prices.

These Halloween teeth go well with several scary Halloween costume ideas. You can be a vampire, zombie, or even a hobo with these killer teeth. These are made so well that you can talk fine while wearing them in your mouth.

They even offer a pacifier that looks like vampire teeth for your little one to dress up just like you. Who can resist a cute little vamp baby? Design your costume around the Halloween FX mouth pieces you find here.

Guess what else you can find at Vampfangs...FX Lenses.

WOW These FX eyes really have it. You can find Red Cullen lenses, Blue Immortals, or look at the Immortal line, the Theatrical lenses, the Handpainted lenses or the Hand Painted Sclera FX lenses. Find tips on how to use them and a Warning about these lenses. The proper use of these wonderful FX accessories is extremely important. Please pay attention to it. Take a look at the entire collection by clicking on the picture. Get ready, the Halloween Countdown has begun!

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