Fancy Nancy...Party Ideas for Girls

"More is Always Better" according to Fancy Nancy! You can tell she means it when you look from her tiara to her sparkly shoes, Nancy loves anything Fancy. This wonderful girl's party theme is a book character from Jane O'Connor.

Your little girl will enjoy having a Fancy Nancy party! It's an easy party theme to plan. and that will make it enjoyable for you too. The first themes that come to mind when you are thinking of a Nancy theme are:

  • A Lovely Tea Party
  • A Hollywood Glamour Girl Party
  • A Fashion Show

Decorating Ideas

Make your party decorations frilly and fancy. Bright pink, lavendar and fuchsia (that's a fancy word for purple) are the colors of the day for this party theme. Got some lace or some kids boas? Put these frilly accessories around the party room...use paper doilies under your cupcakes to make them look pretty.

Fancy Nancy Party Invitations

Use paper doilies and some pretty lavender or pink paper to make your own party invitations. Write a clever invitation verse and fill in your party information. You can think of something cute and this: "Dress your best from head to toe, Melinda is having a Fancy Nancy fashion show!" Then you fill in the Where...When...Time...Why...RSVP.

If you have read the books you know Nancy likes all things Fancy. She like the French language because it sounds so elegant. (Elegant is a fancy word for nice)

Fun Party Ideas

Make your own ice cream sundae...but you've got to dress it up, because Nancy would! Get some sprinkles and brightly colored glittery sugar and let each one of your guests create their own special ice cream treat.

Serve party sandwiches and mini desserts on party picks...another elegant way to treat your guests to your lovely party menu. You can also let your guests decorate their own cupcakes!

Fancy Nancy Party Favors

Party favors are easy when Nancy is your party theme. Get each little girl a pair of socks with lace around the ankles...that's fancy. There are feather pens that are pretty elegant too...plume is a fancy word for feather! How about your very own "Grow a Crown"!

Even Nancy's doll even has a very fancy name, it's Marabelle Lavinia Chandelier.

Word Game Ideas

Nancy loves fancy words...Play a word game. Have everyone try to think of fancier terms for our everyday words. Here's an example , Stupendous, fantastic and marvelous all mean great! You can always teach the girls some french words to replace our English words at your party. It's Nancy's favorite language!

Get your birthday girl an autograph book and let each guest sign it. That's another very fancy idea! The Coloring page has an autograph page you can print out.

Get Out The Red Carpet

Roll out the red carpet in your entry way...a red carpet Hollywood Star party is always very fanciful! Greet your guests with "Bonjour" when they arrive. Make sure the cameras are there to get photographs of everyone as they make that grand entrance on the red carpet! It will seem just like Oscar night on your block. I can almost see the little glamour girls now, can't you?

A Fun Party Activity Or Two

Here's a fun party activity idea!

Help each guest make their very own Hollywood Star. All you have to do is cut out some paper or cardboard stars and put out some glitter, glue and feathers. Let each girl craft her own beautiful star. You can personalize it by writting each guests name in your very best handwriting! (You can find a star template at the Games link at the bottom of the page!)

There is one party game that all kids love...yes, a Pinata! Well, there just happens to be a Pull String Pinata with Nancy on it and it says Oh La La! You will want for this party theme!

Remember to be very's an elegant way to behave!

Fashion Show Ideas

Plan on having a fashion show because fashion shows are the absolute ultimate for extravagant dress up games. (Can you guess what extravagant means? ) Get old scarves and costume accessories and let each child dress up...add a tiara and some feathers and oh boy, are they going to look fancy as can be.

Swag Bag Ideas

Give each guest a "Swag Bag"'s a fancy way to say a goodie bag. Party favors that can go in your swag bag include:

  • ribbons
  • stickers
  • feather pens
  • glow jewelry
  • bracelets
  • a tiara
  • sparkly lip gloss
  • nail polish
Put one together yourself, or buy a pre-made Fancy Nancy party favor box from Celebrate Express.

Make a Fancy Nancy Bingo Game

Use stickers, print some clip art or cut out pictures of fancy things and glue them onto a bingo board. Make sure you write each item on a piece of paper when you include it on your bingo boards. When the boards are done, cut each word out and fold it. Put it into an elegant container and use these as your "bingo balls". Write the letters F-A-N-C-Y at the top of each bingo board and let the girls yell, "Fancy" when they win!

Birthday Gift Ideas

Get some of the many Fancy Nancy books for your daughter as a birthday present or use them as party prizes! The Fancy Nancy books are:

  • Fancy Nancy (Spanish edition)
  • Halloween...or Bust!
  • Pajama Day
  • The Show Must Go On
  • Tea Parties
  • Absolutely Stupendous Sticker Book
  • The Dazzling Book Report
There is a picture of the books here so you can see the beautiful colors and drawings on the covers!

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