Fancy Nancy Posh Puppy

Fancy Nancy Posh Puppy...Jewel is Nancy's posh puppy. Nancy thinks Jewel is a very fancy name and that makes it perfect for her puppy. Get free printable Fancy Nancy coloring pages, printable word games, mazes and more...all with a Fancy Nancy theme, great stuff for any kids birthday party

Here are plenty of fancy ideas for you to use at your next girls birthday party, a sleepover party or just for some rainy day fun. Lots of free printables and fun with our favorite fancy little girl, Nancy!

Get some free Fancy Nancy Printable pages. Find out about Nancy and Posh Puppy. You can find free coloring pages and believe me, they are full of "Fancy" stuff...because Fancy Nancy says, "OOH La La, Fancy is Better!" You can find activities, coloring pages, mazes, activities and even free printable party invitations all with Nancy on them.

Get your printable coloring page of the Fancy Nancy book cover. Take a look at Fancy Nancy's fancy word coloring page. The Fancy Nancy Butterfly activity book has 12 pages of free printable activities and some invitations. Follow our link trail to the free Fancy Nancy pages. Want to see Nancy's fancy books?

Go to Fancy Nancy books

Here is where you can find free printables, games and activities including:

  • Noteboard
  • Butterfly Catch
  • Coloring Games
  • Quiz
  • Word Libs
Get some free, printable

Fancy Nancy coloring pages.

Learn A to Z words with Fancy Nancy. You can print out a free coloring page and learn some of Nancy's favorite fancy words. Learn some French words, they are so fancy. Oui, Parfait, Merci...they are pretty. Free printable mazes, draw Fancy Nancy, color butterfly decorations, make butterflies using the letter B. Lots of pages to print out.

Fancy Nancy Printables

Here's Fancy Nancy and Posh Puppy where you can find some fun party ideas that include decorating ideas, free printable invitations, free printable name tags, find what's missing pictures, find out about Nancy and Jewel...the posh puppy, free printable coloring pages, dot to dot, printable mazes, draw Fancy Nancy, create your own bauble...or fancy accessory. Get Fancy Nancy Posh Puppy party ideas and party supplies for your next girls birthday party.

Fancy Nancy Posh Puppy Free Printables

Everybody's favorite girl (and every girls favorite birthday party theme!) and free printable stickers. Perfect for a free party favor idea.

Free Fancy Nancy Sticker Sheet

To see a fun Fancy Nancy word lib where you can become a poet extraordinaire go to

Fancy Nancy Fun Printable Games

Get More Fun Ideas at our Fancy Nancy page!

You can find out more about Fancy Nancy Posh Puppy with this list of Fancy Nancy Books:

  • Fancy Nancy (2005)
  • Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy (2007)
  • Fancy Nancy Loves! Loves!! Loves!!! (2007)
  • Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris (I Can Read Book 1) (2008)
  • Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly (2008)
  • Fancy Nancy Sees Stars (I Can Read Book 1) (2008)
  • Fancy Nancy: Let's Get Fancy Together! (2008)
  • Fancy Nancy's Fashion Parade! (2008)
  • Fancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words: From Accessories to Zany (2008)
  • Fancy Nancy at the Museum (I Can Read Book 1) (2008)
  • Fancy Nancy: Poison Ivy Expert (I Can Read Book 1) (2009)
  • Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire! (2009)
  • Fancy Nancy: Pajama Day (I Can Read Book 1) (2009)
  • Fancy Nancy: The Show Must Go On (I Can Read Book 1) (2009)
  • Fancy Nancy: The Dazzling Book Report (I Can Read Book 1) (2009)
  • Fancy Nancy: Tea Parties (2009)
  • Fancy Nancy: Halloween...or Bust! (2009)
  • Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas (2009)

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