Fancy Nancy Party

So, you're thinking about having a Fancy Nancy Party for your little girl's birthday! Soiree is a fancy word for party and Nancy would use that! This wonderful character, who was introduced to us by author Jane O'Connor, is so popular with young girls! Nancy loves to get Dressed Up! She likes to get "Fancy" and this party theme has a great party favor idea created with just that in mind.

Girl's party ideas for this Fancy theme include:

  • Birthday
  • Girl's Tea
  • Class
  • Girl Scout
  • Youth Group
It's an ideal party theme for any kind of party for little girls.

Wait until you see these lovely Fancy Nancy party supplies...the plates, doilies to put on the plates, cups and napkins have Nancy on them in her most beautiful finery. The plastic ware pictured is bright pink and so are some of the balloons this party site used to decorate with...the other color they used is lavender why not use those very same ideas?

This favor box has lots of "Fancy favors" for your little lady party guests. Every one will get butterfly hair clips, a pink heart mirror and a pink brush set, a sticker sheet, a blowout party toy, a little star wand all packed into a Fancy Nancy Party Favor Box!

Nancy would love to wear a Tiara crown and so will your party guests. Have your read the Fancy Nancy books? If not, get one and read it with your will both become fans...Nancy is a special character and this is a wonderful girls party theme.

Make your own Fancy Nancy Cake...there is a crown cake pan that will make the perfect Fancy Nancy Cake! It's easy to decorate it too. Frost it with some pink icing, just a little so you can see the detail on the top of the cake. Follow the lines and decorate the top of your party cake with candies in jewel tones...just what Nancy would like! When your candy is in place, finish frosting your cake!

Fancy Nancy Games

Play Dress Up! Nancy would love that and so will your daughter and her friends. Get some old Halloween costumes, boas, ladies dresses, anything the girls can play with. Or ask their Moms to send them already in a costume!

Fancy everything is perfect for this when your party guests arrive, give them each a pin with an elegant word on it...Find some ideas right in Nancy's books.

Party Game Activities can include making some elegant macaroni jewelry that you have painted or dyed beautiful colors. Decorate it with glitter and glue for some really Fancy crafts!

Find free printables for your Nancy Party at the link below. There are coloring pages and word games. There is even a free printable Fancy Nancy party invitation!

More Fancy Nancy Games / More Birthday Party Ideas for Kids / Free Printables of Nancy! /

There are so many fun party, excuse me, soiree ideas you can get from that special character, Fancy Nancy. Her books help young children learn to expand their world with fancy options, other languages and new and fancier ways to say our everyday words. Nancy is a wonderful learning tool and a great new friend for our kids. Enjoy learning and expanding in an elegant way with Fancy Nancy and her enjoyable adventures. You can find many assorted Fancy Nancy books at Amazon.

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Our Fancy Nancy Party Words Dictionary

Our Fancy Nancy Party Words Dictionary will give you a few new "fancy words" to use at your soiree...that's a fancy word for a party or gathering. Give your kids party an elegant look and feel using our party ideas and these fun, new, fancy words!

Bonjour (bon-joor)...Good day in French, use it to say hello. French is Nancy's favorite language because it sounds so elegant.

Celebration...A party

Elegant...A new way to say Fancy.

Exquisite...Extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate

Hostess Extraordinaire...Really great hostess

Merci beaucoup (pronounced 'mehr-see boh-coo')...Thank you very much

Ooh la la!...OH WOW! or look how wonderful

Posh...Fancy word for fancy

Repondez s'il vous plait (RSVP)...Let me know if you are coming to the soiree

Soiree ("swah-ray")...Party or gathering

List of Fancy Nancy Books

These books make the best Fancy Nancy Party gift ideas.

Here is our Fancy Nancy List:

  • Fancy Nancy
  • Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy
  • Fancy Nancy Loves! Loves!! Loves!!!
  • Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris
  • Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly
  • Fancy Nancy Sees Stars
  • Fancy Nancy: Let's Get Fancy Together!
  • Fancy Nancy's Fashion Parade!
  • Fancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words: From Accessories to Zany
  • Fancy Nancy at the Museum
  • Fancy Nancy: Poison Ivy Expert
  • Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire!
  • Fancy Nancy: Pajama Day
  • Fancy Nancy: The Show Must Go On
  • Fancy Nancy: The Dazzling Book Report
  • Fancy Nancy: The 100th Day of School
  • Fancy Nancy: Tea Parties
  • Fancy Nancy: Halloween...or Bust!
  • Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas
  • Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart
  • Fancy Nancy's Elegant Easter
  • Fancy Nancy: Every Day is Earth Day
  • Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire!
  • Fancy Nancy and the Sensational Babysitter
  • Fancy Nancy and the Late, Late, LATE Night
  • Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes (I Can Read Book 1)

To find all these exciting books just click the link below and you will find the Fancy Nancy books you are looking for!

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