Fancy Nancy Games

Fancy Nancy games are fun!

Nancy is quite a character, she believes that "more is always better"! If you look at her picture you will see she lives by this philosophy...she doesn't just talk the talk...she walks the walks. And she does it in sparkly shoes and a tiara!

Dress Up Games Are Perfect For Fancy Nancy Party Ideas

That means any Dress Up game is a smart bet for a Fancy Nancy Party. It can be a team relay race challenge. Line your guests up in two teams. Give each team a bag with some dressy fancy clothes in it. You can use skirts, boas, scarves, hats, tiaras and anything with feathers and sparkles. When you say "GO" the first team members must dress up in the silly, but fancy, outfit completely. Then they must head to a spot you have designated and turn around, come back to the head of the line and get undressed. Now the second team member must Dress Up in the clothes and repeat the same process. Keep the game going until the last person on one of the teams has completed this challenge. The team who's members are all done first is the winner! Think of a cool Fancy Nancy style prize for the team a sparkly head band or a shiny tiara.

Fancy Nancy Face Painting Ideas

It's always fun to put on face paint, so why not give each of your little guests a fancy painted design on their face. It can be a flower, a star or a swirl...but be sure, whatever it is, it will be fun and fancy, something that Nancy will really like. Use gentle face paint made just for that and try to get one that sparkles!

There are also some Fancy Nancy Tattoos that can be used instead of face paint. Just read the directions and put these really fancy and fun temporary tattoos on your party guests!

Pin The Tiara On Fancy Nancy

There's a classic game I know you have heard of...Pin the Tail on the Donkey...well, give it a little fancy twist and it can be Pin the Tiara on Fancy Nancy!

Fancy Nancy Colorforms and Coloring Pages

There are colorforms you can buy of Nancy...the girls will enjoy this game. Don't you remember playing the hours away with colorforms when you were younger?

Fancy Nancy Coloring pages are bound to be a hit when your guests are all Fancy Nancy fans!

Fancy Nancy Games For A Tea Party

If it's a Tea Party you are having, (Fancy Nancy loves Tea Parties!) why not make tea party hats. Use paper plates as the base and let the girls decorate them with scraps of lace and material, silk flowers, feathers, and bows...use some ribbons to tie the hats on and have a fashion show. It's not exactly one of those Fancy Nancy games, but it is a great activity for a Fancy Nancy party.

It's easy to keep the hats on the girl's heads if you use a hole punch and make two holes in the paper on each side and tie a ribbon through each hole. Make sure you get some pictures of these fancy hats!

Take a look at the Fancy Nancy tiaras in the picture below. Remember, everything for a Fancy Nancy party should be extra fancy..."the more, the better" is a favorite Nancy saying!

Fancy Nancy Pinata Party Games

I did mention a Fancy Nancy Pinata? This is one pinata the kids will love. The Fancy Nancy pinata is a pull string pinata. There's no hitting this baby, you simply blindfold your party guests, one at a time and let them grab to pull one of the strings. Pulling just the right string will make all the goodies in the pinata fall out!

Fill this pinata with some fancy goodies and treats. Your party guests will be thrilled with all the fun Fancy Nancy games you have planned for them!

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