Fairy Birthday Party Supplies

Fairy Birthday party supplies

are the perfect decorations and supplies for your little girls birthday party. Girls love fairies...look at Tinkerbell. She has been around forever and she is as popular as ever. There are several cute fairy party supply patterns to choose from and they are all so cute. If your little girls loves magical fairies than this is the perfect party theme for her.

When you are looking for party supplies that includes:

  • invitations
  • decorations
  • partyware
  • favors
  • crafts
  • free coloring pages
  • activities
  • cakes
  • fairy costumes
That's just about everything you will need to host a fairy party that the kids will remember for a long time. You don't need all of these party supplies, so don't worry. It doesn't have to be expensive to plan a fairy party. Get the things you think are the most important and ad lib with the rest. An example would be party plates. If the plates you are expensive and you think the party favors are a better idea, something the kids will enjoy more, than get the party favors and choose the solid colored plates rather than the patterned ones. It's little decisions like this that will help to save you money and still allow you to plan and host a fun girls birthday party.

There are several choices when it comes to a fairy party theme and you will probably see which one you like best right away. Here are a couple of these pretty girls birthday patterns you can find at one of our favorite online party supply store, celebrate express:
  • Tinkerbell Party Supplies
  • Fairy Princess
  • Garden Fairy Party Supplies
Other fairty party supplies can be found at one of our other favorite online party supplies catalogs, Birthday in a Box. These fairy supplies are:
  • Abby Cadabby
  • Fairy Party
  • Pink Fairy

You can also find some fun fairy party games to play with the youngs guests at your daughter's party. Tinkerbell Bingo is one that comes to mind and of course there is the fairy tale castle, the Unicorn party game and the coloring pages with fairies on them.

Fairy party favors include:

  • Magic Wands in kits
  • Wings
  • Fairy tattoos
  • Tinkerbell punch balloon
  • Tinkerbell pillowcase craft
  • fairy stickers
  • Party Favor Boxes

Fairy costumes are not just for Halloween you know. You can have a fairy dress up party theme that will thrill your party girl and her guests. It is fun to dress up in a costume of your favorite fairy and it is easy to find a fairy costume. In fact you can make them yourself. Just tie pieces of tulle or materials to a belt or and elasic waist band. Take one corner of a square or rectangular piece of the tulle and tie it onto the belt or elastic with a knot. Tie another one next to it and keep going until your quick easy no sew costume is completed. It is the perfect accessory for the girls fairy birthday party supplies and theme you have picked out.

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