Disney Fairy Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Get the Disney Fairy Birthday Party Ideas For Kids and the Disney Fairy Birthday Party Supplies you need to host a wonderful and fun kids birthday party with fairies as your theme. It's fun!

Get all the Fairy Party Supplies you need in an Ultimate party package. It's filled with plates, cups, napkins, party favors and decorations. Click on the picture and read the description to see if this party pack is the one you need.

Disney's Fairies Ultimate Party Pack

Disney's Fairies Ultimate Party Pack

Don't worry...if you don't want the Ultimate Fairy Party Package there are four more for you to choose from or you can buy all your party supplies in individual packages instead of picking a pre-selected pack.

Disney's Fairies Party Favor Purse

The Disney's Fairies Party Favor Purse is fun accessory for your party. Kids do love to get party favors and this purse shaped box is full of goodies like:

  • Fairy Stickers
  • Sparkling Body Glitter
  • Mini Silver Star Wand
  • Rubber Fairy Bracelets
  • Plastic Ring
Take a look at it!
Disney's Fairies Party Favor Purse

Disney's Fairies Party Favor Purse

Fun Party Ideas With A Fairy Theme

Here are some fun party ideas with a Fairy theme. Use those Fabulous Fairies...from Walt Disney, to decorate. Tinker Bell and the other girls...Vidia, Silvermist, Fira, Lily, Fairy Mary, Beck, Prilla, Bess, Rosetta, Iridessa and Queen Clarion.

Remember how beautiful the fairy's world is? Use the memories of beautiful things to decorate...things like flower petals, glitter...or pixie dust as I call it, trees, plants and stars.

Plan your party as an Outdoor Fairy Adventure if it's during the Spring or Summer months.

Prepare a fine fairy party menu using mini sandwiches, fruit, chips, snacks, dips and fairy drinks to serve to your party guests.

Fun Fairy Party Games For A Kids Fairy Birthday Party

Plan lots of fun activities and games for your Fairy party guests. Kids enjoy playing game after game and they also enjoy coloring, painting and making crafts so plan all of those fun things to ensure a successful Fairy party! Play a game as soon as the kids arrive...Which Fairy Am I?...write fairy names on name tags. As each girl arrives stick a name tag on her back so she cannot see it. She has to ask for clues from the other kids to figure out which Fairy she is. The other kids can only answer with a YES or a No answer...

Face Painting Fairy StyleDraw a beautiful fairy design on each of your party guests faces...or use Fairy Tattoos to add a design on each guest. The Pixie Dust Relay is a race to the finish. Each child must yell out a fairy phrase like "Fairies Forever" before they open a pixie stick, pour the contents into a spoon and race to the finish line where they must put the pixie dust from the spoon into a bowl. Then they've got to rush back to the start line and tag the next Fairy Racer.

Musical Mushrooms Another old classic party game with a twist...Make mushroom cap designs on paper or paper plates and use these in a circle design. Each one will replace the chair in a rousing round of musical chairs. Using the mushrooms as chairs have your guests walk in a circle while the music is playing. When the music stops they must all be standing on a mushroom or they are out!

Tinker Bell Fairies Mini Tote Coloring 4-Pack

Tinker Bell Fairies Mini Tote Coloring 4-Pack

More Fairy Birthday Party Ideas!

Here are more Fairy Game Ideas...

Play Guess the Fairy...use clues and let your guests figure out the Fairy.

Freeze Tag Fairy StyleIn this version of Freeze Tag each player who is frozen must wait until someone sprinkles pixie dust on them to become unfrozen.

Fairy Pass the Parcel Wrap a Fairy gift up in many layers of wrapping paper. Put a special Fairy Saying or Trick in each layer. Pass the Parcel to each guest and each child gets it they must unwrap one layer and complete the task on the message. It might be a fun demand such as shouting "I love fairies" or it might involve twirling like a ballerina. Keep this up until the final layer of gift wrap is removed. When the parcel is finally opened make sure it's filled with goodies like a glittery lip gloss for each fairy or a pack of Fairy tattoos for each guest!

Fairy Birthday Cake or Cupcake Ideas

Disney Fairies Necklace and Bracelet Sets (8)

Disney Fairies Necklace and Bracelet Sets (8)

Disney Fairies Cupcake Stand Kit

Disney Fairies Cupcake Stand Kit

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