Face The Cookie - You've Got A Minute To Win It

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Oreo Cookie For Face The Cookie

Oreo Cookie For Face The Cookie

Play Face the Cookie and give your party guests One Minute To Win It. That's where I found these funny party games...they are just hysterical. You and your guests will be falling down laughing, so be sure to video these 60 second challenges. Get some prizes to hand out that match the games. Face the Cookie winners should get some cookies as prizes.

To play Face the Cookie you will need 3 Oreo cookies.

You must sit in a chair and place one of the cookies on your forehead. Using only your face and the muscles in it to move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth. The cookie must stay on your face the entire time...good luck with that one! You must do this three times...once with each of your cookies. You have 60 seconds to complete your task. You've got A Minute To Win It.

Your friends are going to love this challenging and funny party game so make sure you have lots of cookies available. And your video camera...this is another party game you are going to want on film.

Find some great gag gifts and party game prizes to hand out to the winners and the losers of Face the Cookie. You can find some party supplies and game prizes at the Oriental Trading Company.

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