Face painting for kids is one of the best party ideas there is.

Face painting for kids?

Remember the last time you were at a carnival or fair and you saw kids with their faces painted. I'll be you thought "WOW, That Looks Great!".

Putting colorful designs on a face can be easy once you know what your doing. It also doubles as a game and an activity. You can give a prize to each child for participating, you can take a picture of the faces as their being painted, or when the work of art is done, and use it as a party favor.

Children are Excited about getting their faces painted and its so much fun to watch face painting patterns appear in beautiful colors on each other's faces.

What did you say?... Oh I know, I can't paint either

kids face painting go from this to this

Go from this to this.

face painting for kids

That is what makes the instructions you get so amazing! This e-book makes the instructions so simple and easy to understand that Even I Can Paint faces! If I can make designs on a child's face with paint...SO CAN YOU!

Think how handy this information will come in this Halloween! You can make some easy homemade costumes and decorate your child's face with paint. Your kids will look great, and you can save a ton of money!

Everything you need to entertain the kids with face decorating is found right here.

You get face painting:

  • Detailed instructions on How to
  • Patterns
  • Lots of Ideas
  • You will learn how to go from simple and basic face painting to beautifully intricate patterns AND it will be easy.

The Buzz about your child's party won't stop for weeks! (or your party...because face painting is not only good for kid's parties...It's good for adult parties too.)
This ebook has over 40 designs that include:

    Pirate * Ladybug * Snake * Spaceship * Flowers * Butterfly * Fish * Spider * Rainbow * Airplane * Cupcake * Ice Cream Cone * Octopus * Flag * Kite * Heart * Cat * Santa * Turkey * Princess * Tiger

You also get 5 Full Face Designs

You will learn easy ways to organize your supplies so you can get started right away.

You will learn how to help with fundraising efforts with a face painting for kids booth at fairs and carnivals at your child's school.

You will learn how Easy it is to get started right away!

Most of all your child and their friends will be so thrilled with your fabulous paintings they will want to visit you more often so you can paint their faces again!

You will also get lots of helpful party planning ideas and information.

  • Planning Children's Birthday Parties

  • Halloween and Face Painting For Kids Go Hand In Hand (This will come in handy very soon!)

  • Kids Recipes

  • There is even a report you can get that tells you how to get started making money with your new found painting skills!

Would you like to be the life of the party? Click here!

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