Esme Cullen

Esme Cullen was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1895. Her human name was Esme Anne Platt Evenson. Esme Cullen's Twilight movie character is played by Elizabeth Reaser.

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Esme first met Dr.Carlisle Cullen when she was 16. She fell out of a tree and Carlisle treated her broken leg. She developed a crush on him, but soon after he left town.

Esme was pressured to marry Mr Charles Evenson, a friend of the family, by her father. Evenson was an abusive husband and when Esme became pregnant she ran away. Hiding out at a cousin's home she gives birth to a son. Unfortunatly, her son died a few days after he was born, and she tried to kill herself.

Fate stepped in. Esme, who was believed dead was brought to the morgue. Carlisle was there and heard her heart beat. He changed her and later he married her. Now, Edward, had a loving mother and Carlisle had a loving wife. Her vampire gift was her ability to be very loving.

Later Rosalie , Emmett , Alice , and Jasper join the family. The role of wife and mother are all Esme ever wanted in life, and now she is very happy in her position. Things go along well, until Edward meets Bella Swan...where the our favorite story, the Twilight novel, begins.

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