Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Hey, Mom, if you're thinking about Elmo Birthday Party Ideas you are sure to have a hit on your hands!

Kids Love Elmo! He is one of the most popular, and beloved, characters from Sesame Street. Elmo birthday party ideas are great for a first birthday party or a second birthday party, in fact Elmo party ideas are perfect for any little kids party!

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An Elmo cake pan, an Elmo pinata...even an Elmo cake topper!

Now that's great and the best part is you don't have to go crazy shopping Mom! Get a theme cake set and some colorful latex balloons...the kids will love it!

Make Your Own Elmo Cake

You can make your own Elmo cake! Just get a cake topper kit...you can see one in the picture above. Just bake a cake and frost it...put the cake topper right on top and You've got a beautifully decorated cake! It's as easy as it sounds and you just saved yourself a lot of money!

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas for Decorations

Decorations for an Elmo party are as easy as the cake! Just get a pinata or an Elmo game and some red and yellow latex balloons. The kids will love the game...or the pinata...and the balloons will add just a little bit of color. You don't want to over stimulate these little kids by over decorating! They just need to see Elmo and they will be happy!

Need To Save Money?

Don't have the money right now for an expensive party set up? It's okay...most of us don't have extra money right now. In fact, I remember years ago, when my 4 kids were all in grammer school, I never seemed to have enough money...but we still had some great parties and lots of fun!


We made everything ourselves! A fun, and very cheap, party game is Elmo Sponge Toss. Get a box, cover it with aluminum foil or colored paper. Get some red sponges, and print out some Elmo Clipart you can find for free online. Glue the clipart to a sponge and let the kids play "Elmo Toss"!

Print out some free Elmo coloring pages and there's your party activity. Let the kids color Elmo, they will love it!

In fact, Mom, there's a great centerpiece idea...Color an Elmo coloring page and glue it onto a balloon. Place the balloon in a bowl to balance it on the table. Or you can hang it from a string and tie it to your overhead light if that works!

Another fun party game to play with young kids is the Straw Drop. You get a cup and some regular straws with no wrapper on them. Let the child stand over the cup (no bending!) and try to drop the straw into it. The straw is so light that the air carries it away from the cup. It's a real challenge to do! Try it yourself!

You don't have to go all out with decorations and fancy stuff. The kids don't even pay attention to any of that! Plan your party with your little guy, or girl, in mind. Make sure there is a touch of Elmo, but that is all they need. That and a few fun games, a coloring sheet...and this will really be one of the best parties ever!

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