Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Here Are Some Fun Elmo Birthday Party Ideas For Kids.

Adorable and red and fuzzy, what little kid doesn't love Elmo? As Sesame Street's most popular monster, Elmo makes a great centerpiece for any birthday party celebrating the monumental first birthday all the way through preschool.

Here are some great tips in creating a party your special little one will go “La la la la” for!

Take a look at these wonderful Elmo party supplies. They are perfect for your Elmo birthday party ideas. You see that red furry monster on them and he makes you want to jump for joy. Elmo is fun!

Hooray for Elmo Basic Party Pack

Hooray for Elmo Deluxe Party Pack

Hooray for Elmo Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Happy Birthday Elmo Ideas

Happy Birthday Elmo Party Ideas are fun and include lots of fun party game ideas. Here are some of our Elmo party game ideas for you to choose from:

- Have someone dress up as Mr. Noodle to interact/entertain the kids

- Get some Elmo images to color

- Sing the Elmo theme song

- Have someone dress up in an Adult Elmo costume

- "Let's Ask Mr. Noodle" A version of Simon Says or Mother May I

- Make a cardboard head of Elmo, cut out a big hole for his mouth and let kids throw beanbags in it

- Instead of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, create pin-the-eyes-on-Elmo

Elmo Plush Deluxe Toddler Costume - 2T

Sesame Street - Elmo Adult Headband

Sesame Street Elmo Candy Cube

- Hide a plush Elmo with an adult and give clues to help the little ones on a pint-sized scavenger hunt

- Use a sandbox to stash small plastic Elmo figures and let the little adventurers dig to see who finds the most

- Create an Elmo coloring book from online coloring pages you can print at home

- Use lots of red balloons as decorations, the kids will have a ball playing with the balloons

- Fill a string-pull Elmo pinata with lots of candy and enjoy a safer version of the traditional party activity

- Make simple picture frames; stickers and crayons are a toddler's tools of the trade and markers, glue and pompoms work wonders for preschoolers

Sesame Beginnings 1st Birthday Deluxe Party Pack for 16

Sesame Beginnings Ultimate Party Pack

Sesame Street Molded Candles (3)

Elmo Party Favor Ideas

Elmo birthday party ideas include some Party Favors or Gift Bags

- Include Elmo or Sesame Street tattoos

- Elmo stickers

- Elmo zipper pulls

- snack pack of goldfish crackers

- mini-plush Elmo doll

- Use an Elmo treat bag to gather all the pinata-dispensed candy

Sesame Street Sunny Days 9 oz. Cups (8)

Elmo Party Favor Box

Sesame Street Puppet Theater

Elmo Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies

Elmo Cakes, cupcakes and cookies are the perfect kids birthday party dessert to serve.

- Elmo shaped cake alongside a fishbowl shaped cake with Elmo's best friend Dorothy the goldfish

- Cupcakes with red piped icing and a set of big eyes to depict Elmo's face

- Cupcakes with red icing and Elmo cupcake rings on top of each

- Cookies with red icing and Elmo's face drawn with black/white icing

Sesame Street Sunny Days Blowouts (8)

Elmo Loves You Notepads (4)

Elmo Cake Pan

Elmo Party Snacks

Elmo birthday party ideas need some Elmo party snacks that are easy to serve.

- Use a clean fish bowl filled with goldfish crackers

- Serve red Kool-Aid

- Make chocolate suckers using molds of Elmo or a goldfish out of red colored white chocolate

- Buy fruit snacks in Elmo or Sesame Street shapes

Elmo Singing Jumbo 28" Foil Balloon

Elmo Jumbo Airwalker Balloon

Hooray for Elmo Napkins (16)

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