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Find Elmo 1st Birthday Party Ideas, Cake Designs and 1st Birthday Party Supplies For Your Baby's First Ever Birthday! It's a year already...a year since you brought this tiny bundle of joy home from the hospital. Your life will never be the same again and You couldn't imagine it anyother way! This is certainly a milestone to celebrate!

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Hooray for Elmo Deluxe Party Pack

Hooray for Elmo Deluxe Party Pack

Hooray For Elmo Birthday Party Supplies

It's no surprise that there is a "Hooray For Elmo" party supplies pattern. Elmo is a red monster from the kids TV show, Sesame Street and he is one of the most beloved characters on this long running PBS kids show. Look at what fun the Elmo theme is and that's just the party supplies! These party supplies are perfect for 1st birthday party ideas and so are the Sesame Street party supplies for a 1st birthday. Just click on the link to see the Sesame Street party supplies.

The Hooray for Elmo party supplies come in individual packages of Plates (8), cups, napkins, a tablecloth and other partyware or you can choose from the Basic, the Deluxe or the Hooray for Elmo Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes. Get the supplies you need in the size you need.

Elmo Party Decorations

I would have to start my Elmo 1st birthday party decorations with this Elmo air walker balloon...it's huge and the kids will get a big kick out of it...it's like actually having Elmo as a party guest.

Elmo Jumbo Airwalker Balloon

Elmo Jumbo Airwalker Balloon

You can also take a look at the "Elmo Singing Jumbo 28"" Foil Balloon". Yes, it does say "Singing Balloon". Click on the link to read more about this fun party balloon.

I would mix in some streamers, helium filled latex balloons on curling ribbon strings and then I would hang this fun "Elmo Personalized Birthday Banner Medium 24"" x 80""".

Elmo Birthday Party Favors

If you are inviting older children to this Elmo 1st birthday party you should get some party favors. Kids love to get a little thank you gift when they attend a birthday party. These Elmo Happy Birthday Jumbo Coloring Books with Crayons (8) make a great party favor. You can also choose the party favor box that has lots of Elmo stuff in it. Here's what you get with the favor box:

  • 1 Colorful Party Favor Box
  • 1 Elmo Notepad
  • Elmo Stickers
  • A Rubber Duckie
  • A Glitter Ball
  • Jumbo Crayons

Hooray for Elmo Party Favor Box

1st Birthday Cake Designs For An Elmo Party

Here are a couple 1st birthday cake designs and ideas for an Elmo birthday party. You can make your own Elmo cake, you can make Elmo cupcakes and place them on this Elmo Cupcake Stand.

Elmo Cupcake Stand

Or you can put some Elmo Rings (8) on your party cupcakes as a decoration...and the kids can keep the rings too.

Here is a picture of the cake pan. It comes with decorating instructions to help you with this fun 1st birthday cake design.

Elmo Cake Pan
An Elmo 1st birthday party would't be complete without some kind of fun birthday dessert. You've at least got to serve cupcakes with Red Elmo Colored Frosting!

Fun Elmo Birthday Party Games

If you are inviting all very young party guests you will not need too many party games. Young kids at an Elmo 1st birthday party don't need too many games...a couple is great.

They can be simple games like Pin the Nose on Elmo. Get a poster of Elmo and make some orange noses. Put some double sided tape on one side of the nose and let the kids try to put that nose on the poster. The one who gets the nose the closest to where it belongs is the winner.

Freeze Dance or Elmo Dancing To play Freeze Dance someone must man the CD player. When the music starts everyone dances when the music stops everyone has to freeze! Elmo Dancing is just dancing to Sesame Street tunes. You can find this fun music on the Sesame Street CD: Platinum All-Time Favorites.

If you are inviting some older kids to the party you can get the "Elmo 3D 21"" Pull-String Pinata". Fill it with goodies and treats, blind fold each child when it is their turn and let them pull a string. One of the strings will break open the pinata and let all the treasures spill out.

Elmo Costumes

Top off your Elmo 1st birthday party ideas with an Elmo costume or an Elmo character! There is a baby and toddler sized Elmo Plush Deluxe Costume that come in 12/18 month sizes and there are also Dad and Mom sized Elmo costumes...so if you want to really go "Elmo" all the way, here's the perfect accessory to help you!

Sesame Street - Elmo Sassy Female Adult Costume - Medium (8-10)

Sesame Street - Elmo Sassy Female Adult Costume

Or here is one for Dad!

Sesame Street Elmo Adult Costume - X-Large (42-46)

Sesame Street Elmo Adult Costume

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