Egyptian Party Ideas

Use Egyptian party ideas for Halloween or as a birthday party theme. With Egyptian party ideas you can't take everyone to Egypt, but you can make them think they are actually inside an Ancient Egyptian Pyramid!

Who can't help but be mesmerized with anything that has to do with ancient Egypt, so your party ideas are sure to be a huge hit. With Egypts colossal pyramids, temples, spine-chilling mummies and remarkable hieroglyphics are only some of the things that draw us to it. The ancient residents of Egypt intrigue us. There is an aura of grandeur and mystery about them. There are some fabulous Egyptian costume available too. Cleopatra, the Mummy, Nefertiti, Pharaoh, and that's only a few of the ideas for costumes that come from Egypt. Some of the wonderful costumes are reason alone to get some Egyptian party ideas.

Egyptian Party Ideas For Decorating

Now imagine the excitement your family is going to feel when they find out you are planning an Egyptian costume party, or an Egyptian theme birthday party.

I know I have a beautiful statue of Nefertiti, with her wings outstretched. What a great center piece something like that would make. You don't happen to have a reproduction of some ancient Egyptian artifact laying around the house? Well, make some pyramids. They are perfect for this party theme and would make a great centerpiece.

Egyptian Party Ideas can be used anytime of the year but they certainly do make a great Halloween party idea! Of course it doesn't have to be Halloween to host a costume party! You can have a dress up party anytime you want.

The materials needed to decorate the room with is not at all that difficult to find. An ancient Egyptian birthday party’s decorations may come from your stash of Halloween ornaments. But save all that for later; what you need to do first is to come up with an idea how to have a pyramid in your own backyard. If you have a canopy or tent available, this will make a great pyramid. If you can paint it, then do so -- you can paint on bricks the color of an Egyptian pyramid. For the items to be found inside the pyramid, you can raid your nearest party supplies shop. You can place skulls or skeletons if ever your have some lying around the house for Halloween. You can also scatter gold coins, sequins or plastic jewelry around a treasure chest. Of course no pyramid is complete without that good old mummy!

To make everything feel real, why not toss in a curse with the mummy too? If you can create a makeshift tomb for it, then do so to complete the look. You can use a Styrofoam tombstone they are easy to find, or even to make yourself. You may act as a tour guide to the guests as they enter the pyramid, telling them about the mummy and the curse that goes with it. You can just imagine the excitement in their eyes as they wait to hear more about the curse of the mummy.

If you have a sandbox outside the house in your yard, you can fill it with sand and bury little trinkets that the kids will love. Treasure hunting is an excellent activity for an Egyptian birthday or Halloween party. Just make sure everyone gets a turn at the sandbox, so that each one will have the chance of taking home dug up treasure items.

Any birthday party or Halloween party would not be complete without the treats kids and adults love. With something as elaborate as a pyramid and all those ancient Egypt artifacts in there, you can opt for something simple to serve to the guests.

Ancient Egyptians had pizza...right?

It doesn't have to be authentic Egyptian food that you serve at your party. You can have a barbecue, hot dogs, pizza and soda -- it doesn't matter; after all, everyone will be too amazed at your Egyptian art and won't be able to take away their eyes off the artifacts around them. Set out some buffet food, lunch meats, salads, rolls on golden paper plates. Make your party food simple...except for the few gory, fun food recipes you can find around Halloween.

If you are having kids at your party, birthday or Halloween costume gala, make up some goody bags. If you can find them try to include items connected with the ancient Egyptian theme. You can include glow sticks, small flashlights, spiders, stick-on temporary tattoos, and candies that resemble treasure items like chocolate coins.

Egyptian Party Game Ideas

For the parlor games, you might want to include something that will surely excite the guests. Get lots of Toilet paper or Gauze and play Mummy Wrap.

Make a Mummy How about dividing them up into little groups and, on your cue, race to wrap a member in toilet paper until they look like ancient Egyptian mummies themselves?

Walk like an Egyptian is fun to play. Get some music of the area, perhaps even the Bangles, and let everyone take a turn an Egyptian. Have all the guests clap to find the winner. The person with the loudest hand, wins.

There's always trivia...there are some great questions and facts you can come up with about ancient Egypt and the people who lived in the fertile Nile valley. Ask questions about papyrus, the pyramids, the sphinx and the pharaohs. Cleopatra is a great subject too.

Then of course there is always Freeze Dancing to songs like "Walk like an Egyptian". Mummy Wrap can be a relay game. Make two or three teams...each team member will get a certain length of Mummy Wrap and has to each piece of material and return to the starting at a time. The race for time makes any game more exciting!

Trivia games and Charades are fun to use with Egyptian Party Ideas too. Of course you must use only Egyptian Characters with Charades and Trivia can be from the famous movies we've seen about the Mummy!

I think the Gross Halloween food games would fit in perfectly with this party theme. After all, ancient Egyptians certainly knew a thing or two about mummification and preparing the body for the after life. They had to have removed an organ or two...and here they are...concealed in a bag or box at your party. Waiting to be identified by your dressed up party guests. You know the foods to use, don't you? Cooked spaghetti is guts, peeled grapes are eyeballs, sausage can be can figure other gory Halloween games from these simple ideas you've found here.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate Egyptian party ideas into a Halloween party, a birthday party, in fact, any kind of a party.

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