Egg Roll Funny Minute Party Games

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Three Eggs and a Pizza Box are needed to play Egg Roll

Three Eggs and a Pizza Box are needed to play Egg Roll

Egg Roll is from the TV show Minute To Win It. This challenging party game must be completed in sixty seconds.

To play Egg Roll you need a 14" pizza box and 3 raw eggs.

Sounds interesting already, doesn't it? You have to fan the eggs with the pizza box from one place to another.
You must move all 3 eggs from the start line to the designated finish area and each egg must stay in the area until the minute is up.

Part of the trick is you cannot open the pizza box. It must remain closed the entire time. The eggs have to come to a stop and can't be just rolling through the area at the end of the time limit for this game.

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