The Edward Cullen Wig I Want For Halloween

The Edward Cullen Wig I want for Halloween is for sale and it is the perfect costume accessory for my couple Halloween costume idea. I want to be Bella and my boyfriend can be's a Twilight theme this Halloween.

If the wig isn't pictured above it might be too early for this link to be working. It will work eventually, so bookmark this page and come back and check again. You can find it at .

Imagine a little powder on your boyfriends face and this funky "Love at First Bite Wig" on his head. There is your very own Edward Cullen! It's the perfect outfit for you two kids as you host your own Halloween party with an Eclipse or New Moon theme.

The newest Twilight party supplies will be out soon, so look for them in our Party Ideas Blog!

Don't forget your vampire fangs...even though the Cullen's don't really have is fun to wear them for a little bite on Fright Night.

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