Eclipse Party Ideas And Supplies

It's time for Eclipse Party ideas and supplies so lets get reading and shopping. We can get so many exciting party ideas for Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse from the Stephenie Meyer Saga and the movies. It's all about Edward Cullen and Bella Swan...a teenage girl and a one hundred year old vampire...give or take a year or two. The trials and tribulations of teen romance have just taken a nose-dive!

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If I had to be on the run from vicious murdering vampires I think I would break up with the guy, but Bella is sticking with her man. It is a great story and with the release of the third Twilight Saga movie there are bound to be lots of Eclipse parties. The official Eclipse supplies will be on sale on June get ready to shop!

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Eclipse Party Decoration Ideas

Eclipse party decorations are fun to think about while your party is in the planning stages. You get to look over all the themed party supplies available in your chosen this case the Twilight Saga's Eclipse, the third book in the saga.

Hosting an Eclipse party is the perfect way to celebrate the newest Twilight movie .Decorating for this party can be as fun as attending it will be. There are several party supply stores that sell Twilight party decor in bundle packs or separate. There are also many places to find unusual pieces that tie into the Eclipse movie and work perfectly for party decorations.

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Alice Cullen's Twinkle Lights

Thanks to Alice Cullen and her superb decorating skills twinkle lights have become a standard at Twilight Saga parties. If you read the Stephenie Meyer books you know that Alice had twinkle lights everywhere...even all the way up the drive way! You don't have to go that crazy, but if you have the lights, why not! Alice loved the standard mini white lights but you can use what ever color you like.

Table Decorations

The table decorations at a party usually match the room decor you have chosen. In this case it would be the Eclipse supplies.

The main buffet table will be the most visited place during the party. This is where the party goers will hover to fill their plates as well as their drinks. Dinner plates and dessert plates can be found with the Eclipse movie decorating them. They can also be purchased in alternating colors of black, red and silver to match the other party decorations. The buffet table should also have cups and napkins that match the other decor as well. Table covers can be found with Bella, Edward and Jacob on them. These table covers can be purchased to cover the buffet table. For other tables, alternate tablecloths in colors of solid black, silver and red.

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Wall Decorations

Wall decorations for an Eclipse or Twilight party are easy to think of. You can use the book covers or color copies of them to hang all around the party room.

Posters are perfect for any type of themed party. For an Eclipse party these posters can hang just above the buffet table to catch the party guests eyes. Posters can be found at several department stores with the Eclipse movie shown in full detail on them. They can also be purchased with each individual character on them.

Streamers are another great way to decorate a room for the Eclipse party. They can be strung around the ceiling in single colors of red, black and silver or they can be twisted together for a great look.

Twilight Party Ceiling Decorations

Ceiling decorations are an interesting party decoration idea and here are several you can consider when deciding your party decorations.

Glow in the dark stars can be found in just about any store. These stars will tie in with the rest of the Eclipse party decor perfectly. A small hole can be put into the top of each star and fishing line can run through the hole. Tie the fishing line to make sure the star is secure as it will be hung from the ceiling. Cut the fishing line so that each star is at a different level when hung. Tape the cut end of the fishing line to the ceiling and let the star dangle. These stars should be allowed to sit in the light for a while before turning out the lights so that they glow correctly.

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