Easy Homemade Costumes For Halloween

Easy homemade costumes for Halloween are in vogue right now, so why not create your very own cool Halloween costume. Impress your friends, your family...and yourself!

Years ago, making your own Halloween costume mean't getting a flannel shirt and marking your face with a burnt cork as makeup. But that's not true anymore. Some people come up with elegant, or intricate costumes that they made themselves. There are plenty of good ideas for a homemade costume. Take a look at a few of the ideas I found.

Homemade Pirate Costumes

To make an easy homemade costume, like a pirate you will need some:

  • Black sweat pants
  • Red T-shirt
  • Vest
  • Skull Bandana
  • Eye patch

Planning a group costume? Make a couple homemade pirate costumes and go to the party with a crew of your own.

Pirate Cutlass

Do you have any rubber or plastic pirate swords laying around? No? Well you can buy a cutlass...that's a pirate sword or you can make a sword out of cardboard and cover it with silver foil or paint. You may want to paint a mustache or beard on your face with some costume makeup.

You can buy a mustache or beard, a pirate's cutlass sword and an eye patch. Buying accessories isn't cheating when it comes to making an authentic looking Halloween costume.

Make A Christmas Present Costume

A Christmas Present costume is another easy homemade costume idea. All you need is:

  • Cardboard Box
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Curling Ribbon

Take your cardboard box and make a hole for your head on the top and one hole on each side for your arms. Now cover the box in your festive holiday gift wrap. Put together lots of curling ribbon...of course, curl it, and put it on your head. Tape a homemade gift card on the present if you like.

Box costumes are a very easy homemade costume idea...and they are very cheap costume to make. After all, your main material is an empty cardboard box.

How about a couples box costume?

Go as a Pair of Dice To make this easy costume idea you will need:

  • 2 Cardboard Boxes
  • White Sweat Pants and White Top
Make a hole for a head on each box, and a hole on each side of the boxes for your arms. Paint the boxes white and you can paint or cut out circles in black paper to glue on your boxes...make it look just like the dot/number pattern on a pair of real dice. You can also use some black and white curling ribbon as a "hat".

Make a Zorro Costume

Make an kids or adult Zorro costume to wear this Halloween. Antonio Bandaras played the legendary Zorro so try to look like he did. And let's not forget the Mark of Zorro is a Z...so make sure you cut out some Z's out of black paper...leave them where ever you go. Yes, Zorro is another one of those easy homemade costumes.

To make your Zorro costume you will need:

  • Black pants
  • Black shirt
  • Black brimmed hat
  • Black gloves
  • Black cape
  • An eye mask

A wonderful accessory for a Zorro costume is a fencing sword. After all, Zorro was a superb and practiced fencer. That's how he made the Z. There is actually a sword with a Z on it, so you can have a real (kind of real) sword of Zorro and it has sound. You will also have to make a loop from some string. Connect it to a loop in your pants so hang your sword from.

Zorro's mask was small, it just covered his eyes. You can make that by cutting two eye holes in a strip of black cloth and tying it around your head. Check all the fencing swords and read the product reviews before you buy one. You want to make the right choice and get the best costume accessory for your money.

Zorro Deluxe Sword with Sound

Since you are making your own Zorro costume you might want to try to make a sword too. Here's how to make Zorro's sword:

  • Cut a very thin piece of card board in the shape of a fencing sword, but cut the top thicker so you can cut out a handle.
  • Cover it all with silver foil and you've made a sword.
You decide...make it yourself or you can buy one of the plastic fencing swords.

A Cowboy Is An Easy Homemade Costume

A really easy homemade costume is a Rootin Tootin Cowboy! You won't need much at all to complete this homemade costume idea. The materials are:

  • Flannel shirt
  • Jeans
  • Cowboy boots
  • Cowboy hat

Accessories you can use are a bandana, a gun and a holster, a branding iron, a stuffed horse or cow, a kids riding pony stick toy or an inflatable horse. This is one of the very easy homemade costumes, and that's what's so great about it.

Gunslinger Homemade Halloween Costume

Here's the bad guy take off on a Cowboy costume...A Gunslinger! Of course, this could also be a Sheriff! The same types of clothing you would use for a cowboy...

  • Cowboy boots
  • Cowboy hat
  • Jeans or dark pant
  • Dark shirt
  • Lariat-style necklace
  • Long barn coat
  • Sherrif star badge
  • Bag stuffed with fake money$$$
The Sheriff star will show everyone you are the Law! Western towns depended on the sheriff to protect them from the bad guys...or you can carry the bag of loot, a bag stuffed with fake money...the take you just got from robbing the bank.

There are other western themes you can use when you are looking at some of the easy homemade costumes there are.

Homemade Robin Hood Costumes

It's easy to make homemade Robin Hood Costumes. You all know Robin Hood robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. He consorted with theives in the Forest of Knottingham and dated the Lady Marion. He and his band of Merry Men gave Prince John a tough time in the areas surrounding Sherwood Forest.

To make your own Robin Hood Costume you will need:

  • Black or brown pants
  • Green T-shirt
  • Green leg warmers
  • Belt to wear over the shirt
  • Vest
  • Robin Hood's hat...his hat was a triangle

Robin Hood's hat was a triangular shape. You can make one using cardboard or paper. Add a bow and arrow, after all, Robin Hood is famous for his archery skills. You can design your own archery set with cardboard...or that's an costume accessory you can buy at any online costume site.

Sometimes, when you are making one of the easy homemade costumes, it's easier to buy an accessory than actually make it yourself. If you run in to difficulty and it's an inexpensive part of the costume, just go and buy it.

Make a Homemade Elf Costume

Make an Elf costume! I love Will Farrell and my favorite movie is Elf...you can make your own Buddy the Elf costume in no time. This is one of my very favorite ideas and it's one of the very easy homemade costumes. To make a Buddy the Elf costume you will need:

  • A green tunic...you can make one out of a large green long sleeved T-shirt
  • Yellow tights
  • White fake fur material
  • Green ski cap
  • A belt
  • Cardboard and felt for the shoes
  • Green paint, felt or markers
  • Yellow felt strip, paint or markers
Take a very large green T-shirt and but it so the back is longer than the front. Buddy's green top is shaped almost like a tails tuxedo. Glue some white fake fur around the neck and cuffs of the T-shirt. Now you've got the top and the pants are just a pair of yellow tights.

Elf shoes point up at the front. Draw an elf shoe front on a piece of cardboard. It's just a triangle shape but instead of the tip being pointy...curl it upward. Make 4 of these cardboard shapes. Now cover them with green paint or felt and glue them onto your shoes.

Buddy's hat is a triangular shaped hat you can make out of cardboard or you can cut out two triangle shapes that will fit over a green wool skull cap or wool ski hat. Glue them onto the top of the hat and then glue the sides to each other. Glue the yellow strip of felt around the middle of the hat. (See Buddy the Elf in the picture)

Remember "the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear!" Buddy is filled with the spirit of Christmas, and he is everything that's good. If you haven't seen the movie, Elf, you should get it to watch this Christmas season with your kids. It's a heartwarming story and a great homemade Halloween costume idea.

Homemade Devil Costume

It's an easy homemade costume to make yourself. Here's how to make a homemade Devil costume for Halloween...red, red, red lol. You will need:

  • Red long sleeved T-shirt
  • Red stretch pants or a Red mini skirt
  • Red gloves
  • Devil horns
  • Pitch fork
  • Red shoes or Red shoe covers
Now this is a very easy homemade costume to make for anyone. You might want to buy your little Devil ears, and they may come with a little Devil tail...but you can also craft some yourself.

Finish this homemade costume off with some Halloween costume make up...you guessed it...lots of red. You can really spice up this homemade costume with some fancy make up designs. There are even makeup kits that have stones or glitter with them to make your self shine!

Easy homemade costumes can always use lots of decorations to make them look great. Don't worry, there's not much you cannot use. Make up, stones or accessories will only help your homemade costume look better!

Easy Homemade Tombstone Costume

This is a funny homemade costume idea and it's really an easy costume to make. You can make it two different ways. You can buy a styrofoam tombstone and cut it down the middle. Use one piece for the front and one for the back. Poke a hole in the top of each tombstone side and use leather straps or rope to make a shoulder strap. You can just slip this tombstone over your head. Wear it with black pants and a black long sleeve T-shirt. You can use the styrofoam tombstone as it is, or you can add your own epitath on it.

The second way to make a tombstone costume is to design one out of cardboard. Paint the cardboard gray and sponge a little black paint on it to give it an antique look. Then write in what you'd like it to say. RIP or Your name. You can also use silly names like, I.B. Dead or Dead as a Doorknob, anything you like. Put a date if you want, and poke holes on the right and left sides of the top. Slip a rope or strap in and tie knots in it. You've just made shoulder staps so you can slip it on and off over your head.

Homemade Placard Costume

A Placard costume is a sign worn over your chest and back. It has a hole on top for your head, and shoulder straps that connect the back and front of the sign to each other. The straps make it easy to fit this homemade costume right over your head.

The front and back of the Placard is just some kind of advertisement. Eat at Joe's or Get Your Newspaper...so pick the kind of advertisement you'd like to be.

Take two pieces of cardboard, the same size, punch a hole in the top left hand side and the top right hand side. Use a rope or leather strap to connect one sign to the other. Decorate the front and back of the sign so when you wear it you are in the middle and have an ad on either side of you.

Mom's Diner...All You Can Eat...or It's Fire Safety Week...Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires.

There will be more easy homemade costumes on this page, so be sure to check back if you haven't decided on which homemade costume you'd like to make.

The Homemade Hobo Costume

The Hobo is a very easy homemade costume idea and it's simple to find everything you need around the house. Just about everyone has some worn out clothes, mix-matched socks and pathetic shoes around the house that are perfect for making a hobo costume for either a boy or girl. To complete the look, you can tie a stuffed bandana on the end of a stick and top it off with a worn hat.

Add some black Halloween makeup, like the gothic makeup shown above, to this funny costume idea. Hobo's don't shave much so they always have a 5 o'clock shadow. They can even carry a tin can as a trick or treat basket. Just perfect!

Homemade Baby Costume

A homemade Baby costume is another very easy costume to make yourself. You might have a baby...if so, you can easily borrow all the accessories you need from your own child's supply.

Take a look at these "Big Baby" costume kits you can get

If you don't have a baby, you will be able to buy a pacifier and a baby bottle. Don't worry, these are very cheap Halloween costume accessories and you can find them anywhere. A pacifier can be tied around the neck with a ribbon that matches (or doesn't match) a set of pajamas and hair ties. It's even better if you have a pair of Dr. Denton's somewhere around the house, you know, Dr. Denton's are those footed pajamas. Perfect for your homemade baby costume!

The Easy Homemade Costume The Hunter

Another costume you might have all the parts. Boys or girls can dress up as hunters. You will need:

  • camouflage clothes
  • hunter vests or orange deer vests
  • stocking cap
  • jeans
  • T-shirt or thermals
  • hiking boots
  • toy guns or bows and arrows
Here's what you are trying to assemble.

Rack Hunter Adult Costume

Perhaps you have a friend who is into hunting, or just likes the camo look. They may have what you need to create this easy homemade costume. If not, check your local Salvation Army Store or a consignment shop in your town.

These kinds of stores are great for finding the bits and pieces you will need to put together a costume...and they should be cheap! I keep my eyes open all year long for some fun accessories to help me put together some cool homemade costumes. Garage sales are another place to look for some hunting or other kinds of funky clothes.

Cross Dressers Costumes Are Easy Homemade Costumes

Let the football players go trick or treating as cheerleaders and let the cheerleaders get dress up as the football players! If your kids play sports, you have some easy homemade costume ideas right in their uniform drawers!

If you have these sports outfits, chances are you have a football or some pom poms too. If not you can find Nerf footballs and Barbie pom poms at almost any toy store.

Make A Career Man or Housewife Easy Homemade Costumes

You have certainly got the clothes you need to make these simple homemade costumes for your kids. Kids like to dress up as grown ups and Halloween is the perfect time to use these easy costumes ideas.

Does Dad wear a Hard Hat? Does he use a tool belt? Are you a nurse, Mom? Let your kids use your work clothes as part of their homemade costume. This should be a simple costume making process!

Add extra touches with make up. A mechanic will most likely have some grease on his face, so that will need a little black makeup. If you are a homemaker or a baker Mom, you can put some flour on your kids faces. Stay at home moms make a great Halloween costume idea. Use an apron or some rollers.

The Family Pet Homemade Costume Idea

We are not talking about a pet costume...we are talking about your pet being the costume! Get a photo of your dog or cat, or fish blown up. Glue the photo on a piece of paper, and glue a stick on the back. This will make a photo mask and a holder for you or your kids to use.

Then use your pet's collar, dog tags, bowls to make a fun costume. You can find some dog or cat ears and tail sets online.

You can really get carried away with creativity for this idea. The kids can actually wear your dog's collar, tags and all, with homemade ears and a tail, makeup painted whiskers and so forth. You can even make a necklace out of chew bones.

Homemade Prince Or Princess Costumes

Homemade Prince and Princess costumes are as simple to make as putting on your Sunday clothes, like an Easter dress or a suit. That is a great start for a homemade Princess or Prince costume. Tiaras and crowns are easy to find around Halloween. You might even find some at the dollar store. Deck them out with fake jewels and you will have the prince and princess that you as a parent know that they are.

Rhinestone Tiara BASIC design

These homemade Halloween costume ideas can help you to make an adorable costume using stuff that you probably already have around the house, or products that are relatively cheap to buy.

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