More Easy Homemade Costumes Fun and Cheap Dress Up Ideas

Find Easy Homemade Costumes on two pages of Party! All simple to make Halloween costume ideas. You might need to buy an accessory or two to complete your chosen look...but it's still cheaper than buying a complete costume.

This first quick and easy homemade costume is one for girls who want to have fun...can you guess who it is? Show your true colors and get punky this costume season!

Cyndi Lauper Halloween Costumes

Go back to the 80s with these Cyndi Lauper Halloween ideas are what Cyndi's lyrics are all about. She showed her independent and unique style through her songs, lyrics and fabulously zany outfits. It's easy to make a Cyndi Lauper Halloween costume or if you just don't have the accessories you can buy this one shown here. Examine these costume pictures...this is the girl's just want to have fun look you are going for! Girl's are going to have fun making these funky and easy homemade costumes.

How To Make Cyndi Lauper Halloween Costumes

If you want to look funky, getting into Cyndi Lauper Halloween costumes is, simply,one great way to do it. You are sure to grab attention if you come to a costume party or Halloween party dressed in one of the Cyndi Lauper Halloween costumes. Understand that wearing a Cyndi Lauper costume means wearing bright and clashing colors. It also means wearing bold and big accessories from head to toe. This is a fun as well as an easy homemade costumes.

To make one of the Cyndi Lauper Halloween costumes, start by finding and looking at photos of Cyndi Lauper. You can find photos of her in old magazines, but the Internet is probably the fastest and easiest way. Or take your pick of one of the photos shown above. Pick your look and then copy from one and use it as your guide. Here's a fun 80s style punky wigs to go with your Cyndi Lauper costume. Click on the picture to see more fun ideas including pink, red or purple punky fun wig styles.

For the hair, it is a good idea (and much easier) to get a ready-made Cyndi Lauper wig. The Cyndi Lauper hair is typically colored and styled, sometimes a little erratically. The hair style I remember had a chess or checkers board like shave on one side of her head. She had longer hair on the top of her head to hide this shaved part. Unless you are a professional hairstylist, don't cut and shave your hair! You can make a great costume without taking drastic measures.

Now for the top. Cyndi Lauper was known for wearing crazy prints, torn shoulder shirts, bright colors and layers. Just go with whichever you can be comfortable with. Next, finding a pair of leggings is in order. Go for fluorescent colors to get the authentic Cyndi Lauper look. Again, go for bold and bright colors. While trusted brands of clothing are going to last longer and tend to be more comfortable to wear, you can choose to buy from thrift stores too. You are just trying to recreate the Cyndi Lauper look for the Halloween so you do not really need to spend a lot of money on clothes.

Of course, Cyndi Lauper Halloween costumes are not complete without her trademark crinoline skirt. Find a bright colored crinoline skirt to wear over your leggings. Remember, your clothes do not need to match. Bold and clashing colors are best. You can easily find crinoline skirts online so you should be able to find one rather easily. Thrift or discount stores may also carry them.

For the shoes, get a pair of brightly colored pumps or a pair of boots. Alternatively, you can dye an old pair of pumps. To complete the Cyndi Lauper look, wear big bangles, beaded necklaces, long earrings, and lacy gloves. And you are ready to wow your friends at the Halloween party. I told you it was fun and an easy homemade costume to make.

Quick And Easy Little Red Riding Hood Homemade Costume Ideas

Here's a quick and easy homemade costume to make, it's a Little Red Riding Hood Costume. It's one of those easy homemade costumes that's great as part of a couples costume...your partner can be the Big, Bad Wolf!

You are familiar with Little Red Riding Hood, aren't you? Little Red Riding Hood is one of the classic fairy tales about a little girl who wears a red hood and is on her way to her Grandmother's house, when she meets up with the Big, Bad Wolf.

Here's a picture of a child's and an adult's costume to see the look your going for.

To many girls, Little Red Riding Hood is a brave little girl and to some girls, Red is just lucky!. For your little girl's next costume or Halloween party, why not have her wear the adorable Little Red Riding Hood costume? The costume is easy to make at home. You can put it together even if you can't sew! It is easy to make the Little Red Riding Hood costume, and it's pretty cheap too. You don't have to spend a lot of money because you can use lots of materials and clothes you can find in your child’s closet...or your own if this Red Riding Hood costume is for you.

Just remember, when you are making a homemade Halloween costume for anyone, be careful about the kinds of fabrics and materials you use. Don't use anything that's flammable. When you are at the fabric store choosing your fabrics be sure to ask the people there about those particular materials and how flammable they are. (it's something you should check when you buy a costume too.) You just want to be safe!

Planning Your Red Riding Hood Homemade Costume

Red Riding Hood needs a dress and a red cape or a skirt, blouse and red cape and a basket. So rummage through your child’s closet and look for an old white dress. If you cannot find a suitable white dress, your best alternative is to use a white shirt and a flowing white skirt. If you prefer, you can also use light colored dresses or skirts or those with flower accents. Next, look for black tights or you can buy a pair of black tights from any department store. You will also a pair of black Mary Jane shoes for your child...but really, any shoes will do.

Red's Basket

Any nice looking flower or fruit basket will do. If you do not have a basket on hand, simply go to a crafts store or to your local dollar store and buy a cheap basket for a dollar or two. If they don't have the one, check your local flower shop. They make flower arrangements in baskets all the time. This basket doubles as your child's trick-or-treat bag!

The Signature Red Hood

For the hood, you need at least 3 yards of red fabric. Cut a portion from the fabric to make a hood. You can sew or use fabric glue to form the hood. Make the cape from the remaining fabric and attach it to the dress of your child with safety pins. Another totally no cut or sew idea is to drape the material around your daughters head, and wear it like a wrap or a shawl. I can't sew a lick, so I like to have options when it comes to classic costumes.

To complete your child’s Little Red Riding Hood costume, tie your child's hair in pig tails with some red ribbons. And there you have it -- your very own homemade Little Red Riding Hood costume for your little girl.

The Big, Bad Wolf is another one of those easy homemade costumes you can do yourself. Check at the fabric store for some "furry" material. Wear some on your chest...glue it to your shirt...and again at the cuffs. For the face you will need a Wolf mask.

Inuyasha Another Easy Homemade Costumes Idea

How to Make Your Own Inuyasha Costume

Inuyasha is one of the most popular anime characters. Inuyasha is a half-demon who raids a village that had the Jewel of Four Souls, which is a magical jewel that could grant anyone who owns it one wish. Inuyasha wanted to become a full-blooded demon, but he was shot by a young man with a sacred arrow. Now with Kagome, a school girl thrown back in time, Inu-Yasha must retrieve the chards of the powerful Shikon jewel. If your child asks you to make him an Inuyasha costume, don't panic. With the following information on how to make your own Inuyasha costume, your son will not be disappointed.

Materials Needed to Make Your Own Inuyasha Costume

If it helps, search online for a photo of Inuyasha so you have an idea of how to make your own Inuyasha costume. To make your child look like Inuyasha, you will need a wig and some hair styling products. You also need red fabric for the clothes and a black ribbon to accent it. For the accessories, you need a tetsusaiga sword, some press-on nails and "sit" necklace.

Putting the Costume Together

Begin by shaping the wig. The wig should have bangs just like Inuyasha’s bangs. When you have styled the wig into looking like Inuyasha's hair, make it stay in place by spraying hair spray on it or applying hair gel. Do not forget to trim the sides of the wig so it can be tucked behind the ears. Ideally, the back part of the wig should fall down half-way down the back. Alternatively, you can purchase a ready-made Inuyasha wig.

If you have adequate sewing skills, you can make the clothes following a kimono pattern. To save money, you may substitute the silk fabric with a cheaper kind as long as it will hold and it will allow your child to move freely. To make it look like an Inuyasha costume, you can decorate the sleeves with a black ribbon.

For the teeth, get vampire teeth caps. The "sit" necklace can be purchased from anime stores both locally or online. Press-on nails would give your son the authentic Inuyasha look. I would not worry about the eye color, but if you are so into it, you can also get your son a pair of yellow-brown contact lenses too (if he can tolerate wearing them), as well as black tatami sandals. To complete the Inuyasha look, arm your son with a Tetsusaiga sword (which you could find and purchase online).

How to Make a Ladybug Costume

How to Make a Ladybug Costume, these fly away home, red and black insects is one of those very cute and easy homemade costumes!

Your children and babies can have the best time of their childhood years if you make a ladybug costume for them. Unleash the creativity and ingenuity of your child by having her help you make her first ever ladybug costume that she can wear for trick or treating on Halloween or wear on her next birthday party (or a friend's), and even wear in a school performance or event. Your child will only become a child once, so make the most of her childhood years.

Making one of these easy homemade costumes, a costume that is simply adorable is an achievement you will want to share with your child. So before anything else, make sure that you have shopped for all the materials needed in making the ladybug costume. The materials you will need to make a ladybug costume are black pair of sweat pants, a headband, black turtleneck, backpack, black felt, red felt, glue, small pillow or fiberfill stuffing, two red pom poms, and two red pipe cleaners.

Now for the fun part -- putting the materials together to make a ladybug costume. Work on the antennae for the ladybug first. To do this, attach the two pipe cleaners on the headband. Next, stick the two red pom poms on each end of the pipe cleaner. Make sure all the parts are attached securely.

Now for the ladybug shell. Take the backpack and cover it with black felt. You can attach the black felt on the backpack using safety pins. Next, trace circles on the red felt and black felt. Make the red circles larger than the black circles. Cut the felt circles and then randomly glue the red and black circles on the backpack for the ladybug look. You can have your child do this step herself. Next, stuff a small pillow or fiberfill stuffing in the backpack to get the round look of the ladybug's shell.

With your child wearing a black pair of sweat pants and black turtleneck, have her wear the backpack. Finish the look with the ladybug antennae headband. Your child can also wear black gloves and a scarf. There you have it -- your little adorable ladybug!

Now you can figure out how to make an Adult ladybug costume with the instructions above, but a larger ladybug will need these beautiful red and black Ladybug shoes to go with her homemade costume!

Easy Homemade Costumes...The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

The Easy Way to Make an Egyptian Costume...who do you think of when you hear the words, Egyptian costume? Cleopatra and King Tut, Pharoah of Egypt...or is it Mark Anthony you think about when we talk about the famous Queen of the Nile? It's another one of those easy homemade costumes you can make from things you have around the house.

Doing crafts is a fun activity and one of the crafts that bring pleasure is the making of an Egyptian costume. Egyptian costumes are often seen and worn at Halloween parties, in theater performances, costume parties, and other fun or formal events. Thus, if any of the mentioned events has to take place and an Egyptian costume has to be made, then it is time for you to learn the easy way to make an Egyptian costume that is simply stylish. Of course, you will have to watch an old Bangle's video to see "how to walk like an Egyptian!"

Before you make an Egyptian costume, decide on what kind of Egyptian costume you want to wear. Are you interested in wearing an Egyptian costume that has many accessories and with decorative shapes or do you want to wear a simple ancient Egyptian made of flowing linen clothing with carefully chosen accessories? If you want to keep it simple and easy on yourself when you make an Egyptian costume, go for the latter. You can compensate the simplicity of the costume by wearing gold jewelry, wigs, and makeup to make the costume more genuine. Here are some Egyptian costumes on sale this year for you to take a look at. See what you like about each one and "borrow" it when you make your own homemade costumes.

To make an Egyptian costume, you will need the following materials: white fabric, a black wig, black eyeliner, thread, cord, a pair of scissors, eye hooks, stiff metallic fabric, and glitter fabric paint. Once you have all the materials on hand, make an Egyptian costume by starting with the white fabric. Cut a tunic-like pattern from the white fabric using your body measurements, from elbow to elbow. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and from the middle, cut a fold for the neck area. the neck, cut a slit measuring at least 3 inches toward the back of the costume until the cut portion fits your head.

Next, you need to do the hem of your Egyptian costume. For this, use the stiff metallic fabric and the glitter fabric paint. Glue or sew the metallic fabric on the hem and use the glitter paint to draw Egyptian symbols on the metallic fabric. You can also use the glittery materials as belt. For the final touch, wear the wig, get an Egyptian headband to match your costume, and put on some make-up. Make sure you emphasize your eyes by applying thick black lines around them using black eyeliner.

Easy Homemade Dog Costume Ideas

How to make a Dog's an easy homemade costume and kids love what could be better for this Halloween?

Of course, a dog costume is really cute, but you have to think of what type of dog you would want to appear in and we’ll start from there. You can use all brown items for a Scooby Doo costumes, but the easiest on I can think of is a Dalmation. Kids are all familiar with the Dalmamtion. It's a fire dog and it's the kind of dog we see in 101 Dalmations, that Disney movie with Cruella DaVille.

Dalmations are white with black spots all over them, some people call them polka dot dogs. Here's a picture of a Dalmation Halloween costume for you to follow.

Making the 102nd Dalmation costume for Halloween. Here's what you will need:

  • A white pair of sweat pants and shirt
  • Black material, you could use suede or felt, or if budget would allow it, any furry cloth...make sure the material you use in not flammable)
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • White ski cap
  • Face make up, in black and white
  • 3 white socks, and smaller piece of white sock
  • Cotton filling

Let’s begin. First, let us cut out different sized big dots on your black material. Then paste them in strategic spots all over your pair of white sweat pants and shirt.

Next step is to prepare your tail. Stuff cotton filling on the smaller piece of white sock, and sew to the butt area, or use lots of fabric glue or iron on tape

Let us then prepare your dog ears. Add some cotton filling to both white socks and sew to your ski cap.

To complete the look paint the child’s face with white make up, and put in black spots to make him/her look exactly like the 102nd Dalmatian.

You've just made a Dalmation costume that Pongo and Perdita would be proud to adopt!

Easy Homemade Costumes Bears

Here's how to make a homemade bear costume for your kids to wear this Halloween. You will need the following material:

  • A pair of yellow sweats, that is, shirt and pants
  • Yellow stocking or ski cap
  • A red big sized shirt (a size or two bigger than the person wearing it)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Yellow felt fabric, or a fuzzy fabric, preferably yellow
  • Cotton filling (for your ears and tail)
  • Black marker
  • And a pail, for your props
Here's a picture of a Pooh Bear costume for you to follow.

Start making the ears by cutting four triangles using the felt or fuzzy cloth. Sew on the sides, but do not sew bottom. Turn inside out, and fill in with cotton filling. Do the same for the other two triangles. These will be your bears’ ears. Let us then sew both ears to your yellow ski or stocking cap.

Next on the agenda would be the sweats. Let your child wear the sweats, and put the red shirt over it. Let him/her wear the stocking or ski cap.

You now have your cuddly, huggable yellow bear. Now, who could that be? Pooh of course! To make sure the picture is complete, stick the felt (extra strip) on your bucket, and paint in the letters ‘H U N N Y’.

Easy Halloween Costume Indian

It's easy to make a homemade Indian costume...and you can make a cowboy costume too! Indians and cowboys are a classic costume theme for kids at Halloween. So let’s make your little child be the most exotic looking Indian in this year’s costume party.

Let us begin by preparing the following materials to create the costume.

Here's a picture of an Indian costume for you to use as a guide when you are putting your costume together. You also might want to get an Indian wig as an accessory.

  • Leather, or faux leather cloth, of about a meter or a meter and a half
  • Garter or stretch material
  • White shirt and brown poncho
  • A piece of feather
  • Different colored markers
  • A few strips of ribbon, about 2-3 colors of 10-15inches and a half inch wide
  • Moccasins or UGGS would be the perfect shoe or boot for an Indian costume
  • Strips of material with a fringed edge

Let's begin with making the skirt. Measure the length of your skirt and for the waist, fold the waist area of about 2inches, and insert the garter.

Once this is done, let’s try to create a pretty pattern at the bottom of your skirt. Instead of your usual straight hem, we’ll make the front look like an inverted triangle, so the front and back would be similar in appearance. Draw in pretty patterns using triangles along the hem of your skirt, using the colored markers.

For your top, you can use a plain white shirt, and use the poncho over it.

For your hair, part it in the middle all the way to the back and braid on both sides. Use the ribbons to tie on the tip of your braids.

Using a strip of faux leather, create a strip to wrap it around your head and forehead, and insert the feather on one side.

Fringed accents on this costume would look great! Put them any where you like with fabric glue.

Now your child is ready to woo-woo-woo his or her way to the party.

Easy, Homemade Pirate Costume Ideas

It's easy to make a homemade pirate costume. You will want your child, or yourself, to look as dashing and brave as Johnny Depp did in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Use this picture as a guide while you are making your homemade pirate costume.

The materials you will need to achieve that swashbuckling look are:

  • A blousy white long sleeved blouse
  • A pair of black tight pants
  • A big belt
  • A red strip for your head
  • Eye patch
Make sure your pants are a tighter fit than usual. The hems of your pants should be tucked in your boot, and the higher the boots are...the better! If you don't have boots then cut the hems of the pants in a ragged, jagged manner.

To create your eye patch, try to look for a black cloth that is a bit on the stretchy type of material, or even one that would adhere to your skin. This is good so it will not keep falling off your eye. After all, your eye patch is supposed to be a solid patch to cover your eye. Of course, an eye patch is a very inexpensive accessory to buy.

Once you have the black material try to measure your eye patch, making sure that it covers your eye, and yet ensuring that it is not too big that it would already reach part of your cheek. Sew the ends to make sure you can tie it at the back of your head.

You are almost halfway through Long John Silver, or Betty Buccanneer.

Put on your blousy white blouse or long sleeved polo, and tuck it in your black pants. Try to make the blouse as blousy as you can by pulling it out of your pants waist to give it a blousy effect.

One last accessory...the Pirate's Sword, a cutlass. Make yours out of cardboard and aluminum foil. If you want to look more dashing as possible, paint in a black mustache and make it as curly at the tips as possible.

You are now ready to plunder and loot Mr. Pirate! (0n Halloween remember to plunder and loot politely, or you won't get any treats!)

Easy, Homemade Zombie Costume Ideas

It's easy to make a homemade Zombie costume. You can make your Zombie resemeble a mummy, but I always picture them with regular clothes on...except the clothing is dirty and tattered. So you can make you Zombie costume either of two ways.

The first way is to get some old clothes you have laying around, perhaps even an old suit jacket. Tatter them, rip them and put dirt on them. Now for the fun part...the Zombie make up. Put white or beige foundation on your Zombie's face. Make under the eyes purple and dark gray, add blush and accents out of a dark gray color. You Zombie can have some blook on him too. Remember to buy costume make up that is gentle on the skin!

Now for Zombie costume idea 2, the one that looks like a mummy...but not quite. So to come up with the best zombie like costume, prepare the materials you need for a mummy costume:

  • White sweat shirt withlong sleeves
  • White pants, it would be better if you used cloth, instead of jeans
  • White strips
  • Black, red and white make up

Put on your white long sleeves and white pants. Add in the strips of white cloth to cover your face with, leaving most parts of your face open and free. You now are garbed with the official mummy look. Add in more strips of white cloth around your arm sleeves and pant legs, leaving some strips hanging, and to have that appearance of the strips about to get untangled.

Now let's Zombify your mummy...Once you have created that mummy look, let’s add in the zombie effects.

To create that zombie appearance, try to make gruesome stains on your outfit. Once you put in red color to show blood on some places, continue to make the face pale, the accents and blush dark. Blook is good, all over.

You also have to practice walking like a Zombie...Zombies are very stiff, so have a practice run before you go out.

Rocky Horror Show makeup is good for creatures of the night, gothic looks or just scary guys in general.

Easy Homemade Princess Costume

How to make a Homemade Princess costume. It's easy to make a princess costume for a little girl...or a big girl too. Every girl deserves to feel like a princess, so this is a perfect costume for that little lady in your house.

What girl doesn't dream of becoming a princess? Well, Halloween is the perfect time to make her dream come true. At least once a year, it's fun to make your daughter dress up like a princess when she is going out to trick or treat...or to a costume party.

To fashion your little girl in the prettiest princess costume, let’s prepare the following materials. You should have a lot of these things in your home, if not, look in a local consignment shop for some items.

A Sunday dress that is long, preferably ankle length

  • Gauzy or sparkly material, perhaps gossimer or even some lace
  • Crown or tiara (you can buy those ready made ones), or make one with thick paper, sequins and glue. You can also try going to the burger joint with the king...and seeing if they have any.
  • Wand (you can buy those ready made ones), or you can make one from a foot long stick, ribbon to cover it with, thick paper in form of a star, sequins and glue
  • So to start off, to create your crown, draw a crown pattern on the thick paper, and cut. You can then design it, using as much glitter and sequins as you can. Make sure you measure it to fit your daughter’s head.

    To create the wand, cover the stick with the ribbon, going round and round, until the tip, and use the glue to hold the last portion of ribbon in place. Cut 2 star shapes, and glue them together, and insert the stick to the bottom of the star, adding in glue to secure the star in place. Once dry, decorate it using as much glitter and sequins as you can, if you want to match it with your crown, it would be a good idea.

    On to your dress we shall go. If your Sunday dress is plain, use glitters and sequins to decorate its front. Use the gauzy material over the bottom skirt (starting at your waist down), to make it appear fluffed up. Add in more gauzy cloth on top of the other by using fabric glue. You can add a couple layers, even 2-3, to your skirt to make it look like a bell. Spray glitters on the last later, to make the dress appear sparkling.

    Wear your best shoes to match your princess dress. Take a picture, it will become a priceless keepsake for you Mom.

    Homemade Football Player Costume

    It's easy to make a homemade football player costume, but first ask around, see if any of your friends sons play football. You might be able to borrow the real thing for a night. That will work just as well as this homemade one. Okay, no one has a football costume to lend you, so you've got to make one for your son...or daughter. So...Let’s think football!

    I thought this Halloween football costume was hysterical! Do you need a pet costume? Why not match your pets costume to your childs.

    Now there's a unique idea...a football mask. Wear this mask along with your homemade football player costume for some laughs.

    To make a football costume, you will need the following:

    • Football shirt, if you don’t have one, get a white long sleeve shirt that is a couple sizes bigger than you wear
    • Black marker
    • Leggings knee length, or calf length or a pair of capri pants, in black or white (even red or blue will do)
    • Rubber shoes
    • Long socks or tights
    • Football
    • Helmet
    • Small pillows or padding
    To give you that bulky look, tie small pillows on your shoulders, chest and back, or glue some padding to the inside of your shirt. It might be difficult to find tiny pillows and you don't want to use big ones, you will look like a football player not a truck!

    Once you have tied these pillows or glued the padding to the inside of your shirt wear your football shirt, or any white long sleeved shirt. Using the black marker, write your favorite number in front and at the back, and you can add in your last name.
  • Wear your leggings, making sure you tuck in your shirt inside the leggings.
  • Wear your socks or tights, and tuck them underneath the leggings, then your rubber shoes.
  • Lastly, get your helmet and your football.
  • Protect the ball as though you were able to side step a tackle. Don’t forget those black marks on your cheeks, to make you look just like those NFL players we see on the football field..

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