Easy Halloween Crafts For Preschoolers..Or Any Kid

These Easy Halloween Crafts for preschoolers and kids are so simple to make, yet they provide a relaxing and fun time to spend some real quality time with your children. Kids, young and old, love craft projects.

Kids love making crafts, and it is easy to find lots of Halloween crafts for kids. Crafting does not have to be difficult, and you can find easy Halloween crafts for preschoolers and kids by using a little imagination, some creativity, and common household items.

You will see how much fun your kids have when they decorate your home with homemade Halloween decorations...decorations they have made themselves. You can give your children a feeling of pride when they create these simple craft ideas and everyone will have fun doing it. Here's are some easy Halloween crafts for preschoolers and kids that you may want to try.

Foam Craft Supplies

You can find fun foam craft supplies that can be purchased at your local craft stores or at an online craft web site. Buy sheets in colors of orange, black, green, and white. Cut out different shapes, ovals and circles from the craft foam colors. You might even find a bag of precut foam shapes to use.

You can also find craft accessories and kits online at many different retail sites. These online craft and party supply sites have hundreds of craft project kits for every holiday. Take a look at this cute Halloween Foam Magnetic Frame Kit.

Look on the Internet for Halloween clip art and images that you can print to your personal printer. You can find Halloween clip art in holiday shapes like pumpkins, witches, bats, skeletons, and black cats.
If you are even a little bit artistic you can learn to draw your own Halloween shapes. Then just cut the images out of contrasting fun foam colors.

Here's a quick Halloween Wreath project that's fun and easy.

All you have to do is glue the shapes you have cut out onto foam sheets, construction paper, or even paper plates you have cut the center circle out of to make a wreath shape. Punch a hole in the top of your paper or wreath, draw a string through the hole and you can hang these fun Halloween ornaments anywhere and everywhere!

Scary Ghosts Are Easy Halloween Crafts For Preschoolers and Kids

You can find easy Halloween crafts for kids by looking at some more difficult craft projects.

Make some homemade scary ghosts and hang them from the trees in your front yard. To make these homemade Halloween ghosts you will need:

  • Ordinary Plastic Bags (the kind you get at the food store or white garbage bags)
  • String
  • Syrofoam Balls
  • Rubber Bands
  • Black Marker

Here's how you make a ghost out of a plastic bag.

1. Cut the handle off your plastic food store bag
Put a styrofoam ball in the top of the bag (that's your ghost's head) and place a rubber band under it to keep it in place.
Shred the bottome of the plastic bag into strips
Poke a hole on the top of the head and insert a string
Tie the string in a knot, making a loop so you can hang it
Draw a face on to the head. You can make it funny or scary.
You can even add some bells onto the bottom strips of plastic and your ghosts will "sing" when the wind blows them around. This is just one of the easy Halloween crafts for preschoolers and kids you can make at home.

More Easy Halloween Crafts With Paper Plates

Paper plate crafts are great fun for kids. You can easily make paper plate ghost and a paper plate spider as an easy Halloween crafts you can make at home with your kids, at school at a class party or use at a party as fun party craft project. The picture below is a link, just click on it to find out where to get this fun kit. It is really easy it is to make these homemade Halloween crafts? Streamers, paper plates, some string and some stickers and construction paper are all you will need.

Whenever you are looking for easy craft project ideas make sure to look through Oriental Trading for some good ideas...and look how simple some of them are. Easy Halloween crafts for preschoolers and kids don't have to be hard at all...sometimes the easiest ones are the most fun!

Homemade Halloween Candles

Here's more easy Halloween crafts that are fun to make. You will need:

  • Dark Candles...black, purple, even some orange would be fun.
  • Little foam shapes, candy corn, sequins, any thing you think would make a fun Halloween decoration.

Just glue the decorations onto the candle. Make it as festive and fun as you can. Now you've got a cute Halloween decoration for your house...and you and your kids made it!

Another great thing about these easy Halloween crafts for preschoolers and kids is the time you get to spend together creating decorations and making wonderful memories! At the same time you are also helping to develop creativity and imagination in your children, plus they may find a wonderful, creative outlet they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. They will also feel a sense of pride knowing they made these lovely decorations themselves! They will enjoy being able to say, "I made that!"

Rattle Those Chains For Halloween

Remember your Christmas craft ideas! Make an orange and black chain out of construction paper for Halloween this year. This is a very easy Halloween crafts idea. You will need:

  • Orange and Black Paper

  • Tape or Glue

Cut the colored paper into four inch strips. Make them about one half of an inch wide. (4"X1/2") Make one end of each strip touch the other half and tape or glue the two ends together. (Just make a circle out of each strip)

Take the next strip and loop it right through the other circle, glue or tape the ends. Make sure you use alternate colors. You want your chain to be black, orange, black, orange...unless you are going to make an all black chain and an all orange chain.

There you go...that's how simple it is to make a Halloween chain.

Here is a spider craft kit that is one of my favorites. Imagine the fun your kids will have making these arachnids.

Paper Plate Jack-O'-Lantern Craft Kit

Look at this Paper Plate Jack-O'-Lantern Craft Kit, it's an easy Halloween crafts kit and it's cheap. Kids can make beautiful decorated pumpkins out of paper plates! If you are a crafting Mom, you will probably be able to look at this craft kit and make it yourself for a lot cheaper than buying...right? It's simple enough to reconstruct and if you are not crafty or are running out of time, then you have the option to buy this kit. It will be a great kids party activity.

To make your own Jack-O'-Lantern out of a paper plate, here's what you will need:
  • Paper Plates...Orange would be perfect!

  • Black and Green and Yellow Construction Paper or Foam Sheets
  • Green Pipe Cleaners (optional)
  • Small Purple Bows (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Tape or Glue
  • String to hang project (optional)
  • Markers or Crayons

As you can see in the picture you can cut some pumpkin leaves and stem shapes out of the green construction paper. Then cut some triangles, and mouth and nose pieces for the pumpkin's face. Small yellow circles can be placed in each of the pumpkin's eyes. Now this is a very simple craft project and you can use foam sheets as well as construction paper.

When you have decorated your Jack-O-Lantern, use the tip of your scissors or a hole punch to make a hole at the top of your project plate. Loop some string in there and tie it in a knot. That's your loop so you can hang your Paper Plate Jack-O'-Lantern!

There are lots of Paper Plate Craft Ideas for every holiday, not just Halloween. Go to our web page entitled Paper Plate Craft Ideas to see lots of ideas and paper plate craft kits to help you have lots of craft fun with your kids, using paper plates! All of these projects are fun and simple to make.

Halloween Fancy Masks

Homemade fancy Eye Masks can be a fun and a cheap homemade craft idea for you and your kids. Enjoy a family night with your easy Halloween crafts, serve some hot chocolate with marshmallows cut out into ghost shapes! (Easy Halloween marshmallow tip: Roll the marshmallow's with a rolling pin until they are flat, cut with a small cookie cutter or a fondant mold. Thrill your family with this special treat!) All of these easy Halloween crafts are so simple to prepare for. Take this one, the homemade Fancy Eye Masks, they only take a half a paper plate, some string or ribbon...and your creativity.

Take each half of a paper plate and make two eye holes in it, punch two holes on both sides of the mask too. This is where you are going to put your string or ribbon so you can tie the mask on your head. Now, since these are going to be Fancy Masks...you are going to need some Fancy Accessories...

  • Paper Plates cut in half, or cheap half masks
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Fancy Buttons
  • Feathers
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Macaroni
  • Lace
  • Anything You Like

Give each person a plate and let them begin to decorate. These masks are going to be super sparkly and fun to wear. I'll bet you will be surprised at how well making these masks turns out!

Make A Halloween Table Cloth

It's easy to make a Halloween table cloth. Who thought making a decorated tablecloth would be on your list of easy Halloween c rafts? It can be a paper one, a plastic one or a cloth one. Of course, if it's the cloth kind...you are going to want to be more careful! This Halloween table cloth can become a family heirloom.

Just use stamps,stickers, stencils or templates to put patterns on your table cloth. For the paper or plastic kind you can just stamp, stick or trace the designs you like and color or paint them in. Or leave them black and white if you like. For the fabric table cloth you will need some fabric paints...follow the directions on the container. Trace or stamp the shapes you like onto your tablecloth and fill them in with the fabric paints. If you follow the instructions I'm sure it will turn out great! Here is an example of what you can make.

Scary Skeleton Bone Mobile Very Easy Craft Idea

The Scary Skeleton Bone Mobile is so much fun to make...and did I mention what an easy homemade crafts idea this is? It's one of the easiest crafts on this page...and that's saying something, because all the homemade crafts on this page are simple.

Here's what you will need to make a Halloween Dog Bone Decoration

  • Box of Dog Biscuits shaped like bones
  • White Paint
  • String or Fishing Line
  • Clothes Hanger
Just buy a box of dog bones, the biscuit kind. Paint them white. Tie some string around them and hang them from your hanger. You've got a homemade mobile of bones...perfect for Halloween.

These are just very basic instructions. We expect you to add on a little bit to each project...making it your unique design. Take this Dog Bone Mobile for example. What can you do to make it look better? Or to make your own design? Decorate the hanger...paint it orange or glue some sequins on it, or glitter to make it sparkle. You can even add glitter to the dog bones! After you paint them, dip them in glue and roll them in a plate of black or orange sequins. They'll look great! Use feathers, or buttons or painted macaroni shapes. This will be a great looking Bone Mobile when you are through!

Another easy Halloween craft idea is a take off on the Bone Mobile. Just make a Halloween mobile with some Halloween colors and shaped cut outs. Take a look at this example of a perfectly easy homemade craft idea!

This mobile, just one of the easy Halloween crafts ideas you will find on this page, is easy to use for just about any Halloween theme...full moon, witch, pumpkins, any shape you can cut out...so have some fun with this easy Halloweens crafts ideas.

Fun Halloween Party Games

Do you need some fun Halloween party games? These printable Halloween games from A to Z GAMES are lots of fun at a party or any kind of gathering. Combine your homemade and easy Halloween crafts with some games, and I think you've got a Party!!

All you have to do is order them, and print them. You can print as many as you want so it doesn't matter if you are having a large number of party guests. If you have been looking for some good group game ideas, take a look. These might just be the game ideas you have been looking for!

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Baby costumes are always fun. What's cuter than your infant dressed up as a Lion or Yoda...or any one of the hundreds of unique baby costume ideas there are. Did you know there are even Halloween Costumes for pets? Take a look, and get a few good laughs, plus some great costume ideas!

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