Easter Plush Toys

Find The Easter Plush Toys And Accessories To Make Some Great Easter Baskets! Fun Ideas For An Easter Party, An Egg Hunt, Plus Where To Find Easter Games!

Easter Plush Toys are always a wonderful addition to any theme Easter basket. Kids love plush toys and there are lots of cute ideas for this Spring holiday. Bunnies and Rabbits are the most popular, followed by chicks, lambs, butterflies, Easter gorillas, there's even a bear in a duck costume and a penguin with rabbit ears that kids love! Find the plush toy you need for your egg hunt or easter party. These plush toys make a great party favor or a wonderful prize for your Easter egg hunt!

This little bear is going to "Quack Up Your Kids" when they see his costume! I love corny Easter humor to lighten the mood!

Easter Bunny Plush Toys

The most popular plush toy for Easter is the Bunny! That's not hard to figure out since the most anticipated character during this time is the Easter Bunny!

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's On It's Way!

So get your baskets, your grass fillers, your jelly beans and chocolate rabbits ready...don't forget the PEEPS Marshmallows either...and start to make that homemade Easter basket that your kids will search for on Sunday morning. Add one or more of these Easter plush favorites for some extra delight!

The Long Earred Bunnies Are Very Popular!!

The Honeycomb Bunnies Are A Big Hit Too!

Those plush bunnies in the pictures are great if you are hosting a school party, an Easter party at home or plan to give out some great prizes at your Easter egg hunt, but what about the Mom who is making one or two homemade baskets for her kids? She doesn't need a dozen plush toys! Well, then she should take a look at these plush Easter toys that she can buy one of! These individual plush toys range from 3.00 each to about 10.00, so there's sure to be one in your price range.

What about the other kinds of plush animals that would be perfect for an Easter basket? Well, let's keep looking at more ideas.

Easter Chicks

Here's the place for you if you have been looking for a plush toy in the shape of a chick. Chicks and bunnies are the most popular choices for Easter. Here are some cute ideas you can add to your baskets.

This Chick Basket is very cute and so are these little plush peepers with candy!

Little Easter Plush Lambs

Easter is a time when plush Lambs are another popular toy to add to a basket. These sweet little lamb will help you to understand why they make a wonderful party favor or special gift in a basket.

This plush lamb Easter basket is a great accessory if you want to create a unique homemade basket for your child!

And this little round lamb plush is just the guy for you if you only need 1 stuffed toy for your child's basket.

This last bunch of lamb with the flowers is my favorite!

More Fun Ideas For Easter Plush Toys

I've covered all the most popular plush toys for Easter on this page, but there are a couple more I'd really like to show you. These are not as popular as the ones up above, but they are still cute as can be. If your child like dinosaurs and you are planning on making a Dinosaur Easter Basket for them, here are some cute and colorful Easter Dinosaur plush toys you can get or pick the second idea I have pictured here, the Rubber Dinosaur Duckies!

These colorful plush dinosaurs will make a wonderful addition to the candy and treats in your child's basket. As for the Rubber Duckies, I know they are not plush toys, but they are so cute I had to show them to you.

Another very cute idea is the plush Easter Gorilla. This is a new idea but it's a cute one. If you don't want to use one of the more usual plush animal ideas when you make your Easter basket, you could always add one of these guys.

Now, I think you get the idea...a plush toy is a great addition to an Easter basket, or it's a fun party favor or game prize...so pick out your favorites and order them today.

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