Easter Party Game Ideas and Activities

Easter Party game ideas will keep your guests entertained! Your Easter party must include plenty of fun and entertaining games to keep children amused. Here are some fun party game ideas that you can use for your next Easter party.

The Bunny Hop

A great dance for an Easter Party!

Pin the tail on the Easter bunny

This game is played just like pin the tail on the donkey, only using a large image of a bunny or rabbit instead.

Easter Egg Hunts

The great aspect about Easter egg hunts is that they can be as large or as small as you like. You can also use a variety of eggs, including eggs that you previously dyed and decorated.

Jelly Bean Raffle

Fill a glass jar with jellybeans, making sure to keep track of the total amount placed in the jar. This can easily be accomplished by writing down how many jellybeans were in the bag you purchased. Have the kids take guesses on the total amount. The child with the closets figure wins the jelly bean jar.

Printable Easter Games

Get some Printable Easter Games for your holiday this year. It's easy to print these fun games out and hand them over to your guests for a new way to entertain during the holidays. Here is where I get all my Easter Printable games.

Easter Printables: Easter Games bargain BUN-dle

Printable Easter Games.

Do You Know Any Fun Easter Games For Children?

Got any fun Easter Games kids will enjoy playing? Share it!

Leave us your fun game ideas and take some of the ideas we have left for you...give and take...that's what it's all about!

All moms love to hear about new party ideas and new fun party games whether it's for an Easter party or a kids birthday party. It is fun to introduce a new game at your event...so let us in on the latest games you found.

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The Hot Hard Boiled Egg Game or The Easter Hot Potato Not rated yet
The Hot Boiled Egg Game or the Easter Hot Potato game is easy and fun for kids. It is also the perfect game for a kids Easter party...and at a kids party …

Easter Jelly Bean Jar Guessing Game Not rated yet
The Easter Jelly Bean Jar Guessing Game is easy to set up and fun to play. You fill up a jar...any size jar you want...with jelly beans. Count them as …

Easter Bend and Twist Party Game Not rated yet
The Easter Bend and Twist Party Game brings lots of laughter with it. It is a floor mat with different colored squares. The kids spin a spinner that …

Easter Bunny Dart Board Game Not rated yet
The Easter Bunny Dart Board Game is as much fun as it sounds! Just have the kids aim thier darts at the Easter Bunny target. You get a dart board with …

The Easter Bean Bag Toss Game Not rated yet
It's usually a Carnival Game but the Bean Bag Toss game works well with any party theme...take a look at how cute it is as an Easter party game. Bean …

Easter Wooden Ring Toss Game For Kids Not rated yet
The Excellent Easter Egg Wooden Ring Toss Game is a fun party game to play around Easter. It has ten pieces to it. Five are the egg shaped wooden bases …

Easter Bunny Hopping Sack Game  Not rated yet
The Easter Bunny Hopping Sack Game is a fun party game for both kids and adults to play. This hopping game is very similar to a Potato Sack Race...the …

Easter Bunny and Chick Bowling Game Not rated yet
You can buy an Easter Bunny and Chick Bowling Game for the kids to play around Easter. I found this really fun game that is perfect for the Easter holidays...kids …

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Let us know about the fun Easter Games for Children you play with your kids. Find fun ideas for Easter games you can buy and games you can make right here.

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