Easter Party Favors

Get The Easter Party Favors And Easter Egg Hunt Supplies You Need To Host A Fun Time Using Your Party Ideas.

I found lots of party favor ideas for an Easter party or an Egg Hunt...you can use some of these favors as game prizes or hide them along with the eggs. Let the kids find them! Imagine how surprised they will be when they start to discover kids favors along with the dyed or plastic Easter eggs on that hunt. Here's the first favor box...there are two boxes and there are many favors sold in individual packs, so you can pick and choose the ones you like best. So sit back and take a look at the fun ideas you are going to find here.

Easter Deluxe Favor Set

This is the deluxe party favor box and in it, you will find:
  • 1 Easter Bunny Favor Box
  • 1 Sheet of Easter Bunny Stickers
  • 1 Easter Pencil
  • 1 Easter Pencil Sharpener
  • 1 Easter Notepad
  • 1 Easter Mini Stamper
  • 1 Easter Mini Bubbles
  • 1 Easter Egg High Bounce Ball
That's quite a few novelty toys and surprises the kids will enjoy getting. This box is reasonably priced too, it's about 2.99. Not over priced at all. Now, for those who have a small party budget there is a smaller Easter favor pack. It, too, is full of toys and goodies every kids at your egg hunt will be thrilled to get. Here's a picture of it and underneath, you will find a list of what's inside.

Easter Favor Set
In this favor pack you get:
  • 1 Pastel Dot Bag
  • 1 Sheet of Easter Bunny Stickers
  • 1 Easter Pencil
  • 1 Easter Pencil Sharpener
  • 1 Easter Mini Eraser
  • 1 Easter Mini Stamper
  • 0 Easter Game Fun Books
This favor bag is only 1.99, so it's less expensive than the one up there, but it is still packed with fun stuff for kids. Either of these bags would be a wonderful gift to give each of your party guests.

Individual Easter Party Favor Ideas

Now if you like to pick out the favors you hand out to the kids yourself, here are lots of fun ideas for an Easter theme party. These favors can also be handed out as game prizes, so make sure you plan lots of Traditional Easter Egg Games.

I don't know any kids who aren't crazy about these Fun Bands, do you? This pack has an Easter theme, so it's perfect for an egg hunt or bunny party.

Easter Fun Bands

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's on it's way with these fun rabbit ear headbands. The kids will be hopping around like a bunny with this fun party favor.

Bunny Ears

This Bunny Bookmark will make a fun impression on the party guests, and every time they use it at home, they will remember the fun they had at your party!

Hoppy Bunny Personalized Bookmark

Personalized items are very big party favor ideas these days and here's one for you to consider. It's a personalized button each guest can wear. Did you ever hear the expression, "Cute As A Button"? Well, I think this is the button they were talking about!

Hoppy Bunny Personalized Button

I hope these fun Easter party favors help to make your party planning easier. It was fun to gather these ideas...I did it when I was deciding what to get for my grandson, Tyler, this year.

I always have that one special Easter basket to make and this year I got my basket from The Pottery Barn. I also got a personalized basket liner from them. I went shopping in other on line stores and found many baskets and liners for much less money. That was when I decided to add these Easter supply pages to my site. I hope you spotted these ideas, and the ones about making an Easter basket, before you went out and paid too much for your Easter supplies! I found these Easter party favors and ordered some of them, so I didn't over spend on those.

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