Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Get Some Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Your Easter Party. Find The Party Ideas And Games To Ensure Your Party Is The Best Easter Party Ever!

I've found the party supplies and Easter Egg Hunt Accessories you need to create a fantastic egg hunt! Take a look at these fun items including party supplies, plastic eggs, an Easter Egg Hunt Directional Sign, Easter crafts, games and more so you can ensure your guests have fun, fun, fun.

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144 Plastic Easter Eggs

This assortment of 144 plastic Easter eggs is the perfect accessory you need to hold an Easter Egg Hunt. These eggs come apart and can be filled with goodies, toys and special treats, and hidden in the yard or house. Your Easter Hunt is about to begin! Just add your Easter party guests and let the search begin. Give each guest a plastic bag or basket to put all those egg in!

Easter Egg Hunt Accessories

You will need some Easter Egg Hunt Accessories and I know where you can get them. Find each of your party guests a plastic Easter basket or a colorful Easter party bag to put all those Eggs and Treats in. It makes it easy for each child to hold all those Easter surprises and it is a perfect match for any Easter party ideas.

Easter Egg Hunt Sign

Let everyone know where the party is with this bright Easter Egg Hunt Sign. It's a great decoration to put outside your house to let your guests that they are at the place the hunt is going to be held. It's a great party decoration for your Easter celebration.

Temporary Easter Egg Tattoos

Need some more ideas for your egg hunt? It's easy to find goodies to put into those plastic eggs. How about some of the delicious candy you see on the right side of this page. You can find some of the usual Easter candy treats like Peeps and Jelly Beans or some unique Easter candy treats like the Gummy Rabbit Teeth and Easter Lollipops. You can also choose from a huge variety of novelty toys kids will have a blast with like these Temporary Easter Egg Tattoos.

Filled Easter Eggs

There are some plastic eggs you can use for your Easter Egg Hunt Ideas that are already filled with goodies and treats. They will save you the time and effort of filling each plastic egg yourself, and you won't have to buy the candies and novelty toys you would use to fill each of the eggs. The filled eggs come in many sizes, styles and are filled with quite a few popular kid themes. Some of the filled eggs you can find are:

  • Toy Filled Eggs
  • Religious Toy Filled Eggs
  • Religious Candy Filled Eggs
  • Candy Filled Camouflage Eggs
  • Disney Pixar Sticker-Filled Eggs
  • Candy-Filled Princess Easter Eggs
  • Marvel Hero Eggs
That's a small sampling of the many different kinds of filled eggs you can find. Pick your child's favorite and get them for your Easter Egg Hunt.

Animal Egg Decorating Craft Kits

Toss a couple of these fun Animal Egg Decorating Craft Kits along with the plastic or hard boiled eggs you use in your Easter Egg Hunt. The kids will love to make these crafts later...each comes in it's own individually packaged bags, so it's easy to use them as a party favor or an Easter Egg Hunt Treat.

Easter Chickie Bouncing Balls

These Easter themed Chick Bouncing Balls are another fun kids toy to toss in with the plastic eggs at your Easter Egg Hunt. The more fun goodies involved, the merrier is so true in an egg hunt. Kids will really like to find more than just some eggs...the other fun toys will be quite a thrill for them.

Easter Rubber Duckies

These Easter Rubber Duckies are another fun holiday themed item you can toss into the mix of goodies to hide for your Easter Egg Hunt. You can also use these cute Rubber Duckies as a party favor or a party game prize!

The Easter Egg Hunt Trophy!

Here is a wonderful prize for each guest as they leave your party. Easter Egg Hunt Ideas don't stop with the hunt itself, they continue to help you plan your entire gathering. It's a trophy shaped like an Easter Egg! This is the best Easter Egg Hunt prize I have ever seen. It's something each guest can bring home and put on display as a keepsake of all the work and efforts that went into your Easter Egg Hunt Ideas. What a great prize for each child.

Easter Games For Your Easter Egg Hunt Party

Here are some fun party games that are perfect for your Easter Party Ideas.

Anyone, or all, of these fun Easter games will be the perfect addition to your Easter Egg Hunt Ideas. They match the Easter and the Egg theme to a T! Keep the fun coming with these extra fun party games.

Add As much fun as you like to these Easter Egg Hunt Ideas with these fun party and game ideas from our web site.

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