Easy Easter Cupcakes Pictures

We made some Easy Easter Cupcakes and took some pictures for you to look at. All we did was bake the cupcakes and frost them, then we added some jelly beans and Easter marshmallow candies in animal shapes. Similar to Peeps, which you can also use, these candies had a chick, a pig, a cow, a rabbit and they were really cute. Take a look!

Easy Easter Cupcake Pictures easter cupcake ideas

It was easy as pie to make these cute little cupcakes. You don't need to know fancy cake decorating techniques to make some cute cupcakes for your kids...just a few jelly beans will do the trick!

Why not have some family cupcake decorating ideas time and have a little fun with your homemade cupcakes and your kids! What a great way to celebrate the Easter holiday!

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