An Easter Cupcake Is Easy To Make

It is wonderfully easy to create the perfect Easter Cupcake by using some delicious Easter Candy. Cupcakes are easy to decorate and they are just the right treat to serve after an Easter Egg Hunt! Here are 12 Easter cupcake decorating ideas for you.

Start off your cupcake decorating ideas with these cute cupcake collars that will turn your baked cakes into cute little Easter Baskets!

Just wrap those baskets around your homemade cupcakes and turn them into a special Easter treat. It's so easy to create a fun party idea with tools like this!

Easter Cupcake Decorations

Use something as simple as jelly beans to decorate your Easter cupcakes. Jelly beans are one the candies that are a must have during the Easter season. Can you imagine a basket without them? Well, they will also make your cupcake decorating easy as can be.

Another very easy to use cupcake decoration is the candy corn...but not the Halloween corn we are all used to. This candy corn is pretty and pastel, just right for an Easter cupcake topper.

Easter Lollipops As Cupcake Decorations

Easter Lollipops are another easy to use cupcake decorating idea. Just stick a lollipop stick into the middle of your homemade, frosted cupcake, and you are done! I found some very cute lollipops that will make your cupcakes look great...and very Eastery!

Look at these pops...they look like a bunny, a lamb and a decorated Easter egg...just right for this Spring seasonal holiday.

Or use pops that look like Easter bunnies. These come in different colors so your cupcakes will be decorated in an assortment of pretty pastel colors.

These Easter lollipops have the Easter bunny, some decorated Easter eggs and chicks on them. They are colorful and bright and will decorate your cupcakes perfectly...and they are easy to use.

Candy Easter Rings To Decorate Your Cupcakes

Easter candy rings make very easy to use cupcake decorations. These candy rings look great sitting on top of that homemade and frosted cupcake you made. They are simple to use, just place one on top of each cupcake. Let the ring sink into your frosting, and you are done. Decorating Easter cupcakes can be that easy!

Here are some candy rings in the shape of Easter eggs and they are decorated too.

These Easter egg rings will look great, and now that you see them, you know what I mean when I say they will be easy to use.

These candy rings are shaped like tulips, the traditional Spring flower that is another symbol of Easter and Spring.

And don't forget these strawberry and apple flavored ring pops in the shape of that ever popular bunny!

Easter Bunny Gummy Teeth For Your Cupcakes

Give your frosted cupcakes a very Easter look with these Easter Bunny gummy teeth. Everyone who gets one of these cupcakes will get a kick out of them!

Cupcakes That Really Say Something

If you want your Cupcakes to really say something, you are going to need more than jelly beans or candy corn to decorate them with. I found the perfect idea for those cupcakes! Candy Conversation Hearts in Easter shapes. Chicks, eggs and bunny shapes that say funny things like "Egg-stra Special", You Crack Me Up", and "I Hop For You". Create some cute and unique Easter cupcakes with these funny conversation candies.

Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas For Easter

I found this candy inside a straw. It looks like colored sugar and you can decorate your homemade, frosted cupcakes with it by pouring some of these colored granules right on top of your cupcakes. I can't think of anything easier than that! These tiny candies are in side of a straw and that will help to make pouring or sprinkling it on your cupcakes very simple.

PEEPS Candy Cupcake Decorations For Easter

PEEPS Candy - It's just not Easter with out PEEPS! They are as familiar an Easter accessory as are the Jelly Beans, the Chocolate Bunnies and the Dyed Easter it's only natural that they would make a great decoration, and an easy one, for your Easter Cupcakes. They come in several different Easter shapes and colors for you to choose from. I have the classic yellow chicks pictured here.

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