Sticky Situations: Duct Tape Halloween Costumes

Duct tape Halloween costumes are unique and cheap! Here are a bunch of funny ideas for cheap Halloween costumes you can make yourself. Homemade costumes are always a big hit at a Halloween costume party and these Duct Tape Halloween costumes sound funny, are fun to make and look pretty good! They are also a very cheap Halloween costume. So if your looking for a creative Halloween costume that doesn't have a lot of tedious assembly or that doesn't cost a fortune? The answer is your imagination and a few rolls of duct tape!

Halloween costumes shouldn't cost a lot of money. Once you start making your own Halloween costumes you will find it's a lot of fun. You can be as corny or as creative as you like, and you will have a very unique costume! Try these fun homemade Halloween costume ideas for yourself.

Six Duct Tape Halloween Costumes

Chewed Bubblegum Duct Tape Halloween Costume

Chewed Bubblegum is certainly a unique costume idea. I'll bet no one else shows up wearing the same costume as you!

How to make a chewed bubblegum Halloween costume:

Dress completely in pink, light green or light yellow; use Halloween makeup and paint your face as well. Take an old shoe and duct tape it to your head and voila! You're used bubblegum!

Are you looking for a unique Halloween costume this year? How about a funny costume or a weird costume?

Well the Prank Place is the place to find these types of Halloween costumes.

Costumes you will find at the Prank Place include:

  • A fork
  • A spoon
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • A plug and socket
  • A banana

Movie Theater Floor Costume Made From Duct Tape

A Movie Theater Floor is not the first unique Halloween costume idea I would have come up with, but it is unique and it's quite funny!

Begin with an old vest and an old pair of pants. Cover with duct tape (sticky side out) and stick all sorts of odds and bits to it: candy wrappers, empty candy boxes, popcorn, gum, pop cans and candy, whatever you can find. The more discombobulated the better!

Vending Machine Costume Made From Duct Tape

How many times have you put money into a vending machine? I'll bet you were thinking what a great costume idea a vending machine would be...right? I don't think I have ever seen a vending machine Halloween costume, much less one made from duct tape!

Again using an old vest covered in duct tape (sticky side out), stick pop cans or individual-sized snacks to the vest and you're a walking vending machine!

A Shower Duct Tape Halloween Costume

I did see a shower Halloween costume once, it was in the Karate Kid. Daniel had to sneak around cause the gang of tough guys wanted to beat him up and that's how he hid out! I thought it was a great idea! Now here are some instructions for you to make your very own duct tape shower costume.

Start with a rain coat, a broomstick, and a hula hoop. Put on the rain coat and attach the hoop to the broomstick with duct tape. If you are really creative, you can add a shower head and a shower curtain to the hoop. Carry around a rubber ducky for the finishing touch.

Mummy Duct Tape Halloween Costume

A duct tape mummy costume actually sounds really easy to make as homemade costumes go. It's easy to make but You may need someone to help you wrap the parts you can't see or reach!

OK, it may be pretty obvious, but a mummy is still a good choice. For this one you can use white duct tape for a more “realistic” effect. Wearing a pair of long johns, wrap your body with the duct tape. You can place a cut off leg of pantyhose to cover your head; make sure to leave holes to see and breathe!

Make a Duct Tape Road Map Halloween Costume

GPS Navigation has got nothing on this costume! Google maps look out, The duct tape road map will be out on the loose this Halloween night!

Cover yourself in duct tape (sticky side out) and attach various road maps. See if any of the other guests or trick-or-treaters can find where they are on your map!

If your looking for a cheap but interesting Halloween costume, these are some ideas for you! The good news is no one else will show up in your costume. There is no bad news...but if you do wear a duct tape costume you're going to take some ribbing from those people who are jealous of your ingenuity!

A roll of duct tape has endless possibilities. Use your imagination for the coolest costume ever.

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