Duck Pond Is An Easy Carnival Game To Make

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

Rubber Carnival Ducks Are Perfect For The Duck Pond Game

Rubber Carnival Ducks Are Perfect For The Duck Pond Game

Duck Pond is an easy carnival game you can make and it's fun for the kids to play. All you need to make this game is a small swimming pool and some rubber duckies. I guess you can also use a big bucket...and I really mean big...if you have one.

You will have to put a number on each of the ducks and that number will correspond to a number on one of the carnival prizes you have. You can write the number on the duck or you can put a little sticker on it with the number written on there. Don't let the kids see the numbers! Instead of numbers you can also color code your ducks and prizes.

Fill the pond with water and set the ducks in it. Let each child come and choose a duck. Pull that duckie out of the water and check the number or color of the prize. Give that prize to the lucky carnival game winner!

Duck Pond has got to be the easiest carnival game to make your self and the kids really enjoy playing it. Check out the Oriental Trading Company for some really cute, but cheap, game prizes. Plus you can find more ideas for carnival games there.

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