Drawing Pumpkin Faces For Kids Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Fun

Drawing Pumpkin Faces Is Just One Of The Fun Kids Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas You Can Use To Entertain Your Halloween Party Guests.

No Pumpkin carving this year...you can draw faces on your pumpkins. Painting faces on your pumpkins makes less mess than carving and gutting pumpkins and I found these pumpkin cut outs so you don't even need real pumpkins this year. Kids will love these cut outs and there are 50 in a pack...for about 5.00 dollars. That is much less than you would pay for a pumpkin and now you can have days of pumpkin decorating fun by drawing pumpkin faces on these cardboard cutouts. Your kids will be thrilled with these fun Halloween ideas.

Here are pumpkin cutouts to use for drawing pumpkin faces this Halloween.

Just click the picture of all those pumpkins to find lots of fun ways to decorate pumpkins this year without having to carve up and gut them. It's so simple to use pumpkin paints, markers or even the very easy to use pumpkin face stickers. When you click the picture you will go to the Oriental Trading Company. Just type pumpkin into the search box and you will find these pumpkin cutouts, pumpkin face stickers, decorating kits and lots of fun craft and party ideas for kids...and all with a pumpkin theme.

There are "Make Your Own Jack-O-Lantern Stickers" that come 12 face stickers to a pack. That means for 5.00 dollars you will have enough stickers to decorate 12 pumpkins. The stickers include eyes with eyebrows, noses, mouths, some that have teeth, so you can create some really fun faces. Or just look at the funny designs and draw your own faces using these designs as templates.

Drawing Pumpkin Faces With Pumpkin Paints

You can also find pumpkin paints to draw pumpkin faces on the cardboard cutouts or on real pumpkins by clicking on this picture link. It will take you into one of my favorite online Halloween stores where you can find costumes, pumpkin decorating kits, make up, Halloween party supplies...everything you will need for Halloween this year!

Kids Pumpkin Paints Kit

Kids Pumpkin Paints Kit

Whatever way you decide to decorate your Halloween pumkins...by drawing pumpkin faces with cardboard cutouts or real pumpkins, by painting your pumpkins or by carving some awesome pumpkin designs, pumpkin decorating is a fun family tradition and a great way to spend some quality time with your family and your friends! Why not host your first pumpkin decorating party this year? You can find the party supplies and decorating kits you need at our Halloween Party Supplies Page!

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