Dragon Tales Party Ideas

Dragon Tales Party Ideas are fun! You can teleport your guests from ordinary party land to Dragon Tales Party Land! Join Emmy, Max and Enrique as they party with their dragon friends!

Dragon Tales is a great party idea for birthdays, holidays or general play days with friends. Cassie, Ord, Zak & Wheezie, and Quetzal, the dragon friends who live in Dragon Land know where the fun is!

As you can see from the picture of party supplies above, Train Your Dragon is the more popular party theme. It's newer and more exciting for the kids. Dragon Tales was fun, but it's older now and not in great demand any longer. That makes the supplies for this kid's party theme more difficult to find.

You can use Dragon Tales Party Ideas for:

  • Kid's birthday parties

  • School parties
  • Play date parties

Dragon Tales Decorating Ideas

If you can't go to Dragon Land bring Dragon Land to your home with the following decoration ideas:

  • String colorful rainbow streamers in the party room
  • Display a Dragon Tale “Happy Birthday” banner in the room
  • Fix your table up with a Dragon Tales tablecloth, Dragon Tales plates, Dragon Tales cups and Dragon Tales napkins

Dragon Tales Party Ideas Include Some Fun Kids Games

Fun Party Games

Dragon Tales’ parties will be a blast when you play the following fun party games and interesting party activities:

  • Pin the Tail on the Dragon

  • Enrique Says – a version of Simon Say
  • Do the Dragon Dance – Dragon Land is a musical land Hunt for Dragon Eggs – use colorful Easter eggs full with surprises
  • Kids love to play Musical Chairs. Just get some Dragon Tales music.
  • Color!
You can get your free Dragon Tales printable coloring pages of All the Dragon Land Friends
  • Cassie
  • Cassie & Emmy
  • Emmy
  • Quetzal
  • Max
  • Max and Ord
  • Ord
  • Zak & Wheezie
  • Zak and Wheezie playing dragonball

To find your free Dragon Tales printable coloring pages Just click here.

Dragon Tales Party Food Ideas

How about a little Dragon Tales Dragonberry juice? It's really pink lemonade with blueberries! You can make a rainbow cake yourself. It's an easy cake recipe and decorating it is no problem. You can also serve the rainbow cupcakes instead of cake. ( I love cupcakes and enjoy decorating them) You can use edible cupcake toppers or get special Dragon Tales cupcake picks to decorate them with.

Dragon Tales Goodie Bags and Party Favor Ideas

You can find all different kinds of Dragon Tales toys, like badges and musical instruments to fill those goodie bags with. Now all you need is a little Music, Dragon Tales music that is, and your Dragon Tale party will be a musical treat for that special someone!

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