Dora The Explorer Party Ideas

Dora the Explorer Party Ideas are the perfect theme for your toddler or preschooler's next birthday party. Kids love the characters

  • Dora
  • Boots
  • Swiper
  • Fiesta Trio
  • Backpack
  • Map
  • Isa the Iguana
  • Tico the Squirrel
  • Benny the Bull
  • Diego

Dora the Explorer Cone Hats

Price: 4.49

Dora the Explorer Napkins

Price: 3.49

Dora the Explorer Birthday Box

Price: 23.99

Dora the Explorer Cake Plate

Price: 2.89

You can use many of Dora's adventures as party themes.

  • Pirate
  • Beach
  • Camping
  • Fiesta
You can see from the pictures above decorating for a Dora the Explorer party will be easy. Every party store carries this party theme. Dora likes bright colors so helium filled latex balloon will fit right in. You can make a free printable birthday banner and hang that. You can decorate with signs that say "Vamonos" and the character names.

Make Dora The Explorer Party Invitations

You can find clip art pictures of Dora and print them onto paper to make your own party invitations. It will save you some money and it's fun to do! Make sure you fill in all the important party information: Who, What, Where, When, RSVP.

Dora the Explorer Party Ideas don't have to be expensive.

Dora Party Activities

There are so many game ideas when Dora is your party theme. A Dora piƱata is always popular with the kids at a birthday party.

You can have an Explorer Hunt in your yard by letting the kids follow a map to find hidden Dora treasures just like she does on her tv show!

You can help the kids make a Dora bracelet. Depending on the age of your party guests, of course, some kids might be too young for this one. You can buy a jewelry making kit at Oriental Trading Company. You can also dye different shape macaroni and let the kids make some jewelry out of that.

You can have a Dora sing-a-long or play Musical Chairs to the Dora theme song.

How to Make a Dora The Explorer Cake

You can order a cake from a bakery with Dora on top of it or you can bake a cake and decorate it yourself...and save a bundle of money for yourself. It's very easy to decorate a party cake when you use a cake topper kit. A cake topper kit is a set of plastic themed pieces you put on top of your homemade cake.

Here is a picture of a cake topper...see how nice it looks. You will surprise yourself, and everyone else, when you see how nice your homemade cake can turn out.

Look at these great party supplies you can get for Dora the Explorer Party Ideas!

Make some Dora Bingo cards with stickers and paper. Print out some Dora the Explorer Coloring Pages and let the kids color or use them for a party favor. Put some of your printed pages into a goodie bag and send them home with your party guests.

Dora the Explorer Coloring Pages

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