Dora the Explorer Birthday Parties

Dora the Explorer Birthday Parties are perfect for the Dora fan in your house. Dora is lots of fun and having her as your kids birthday party theme makes a lot of sense. It's easy to find party ideas for a Dora theme party. Games and party favors are really easy to find too. Dora is a diverse character and she is a great child's role model. Plus your child can learn to speak some Spanish, since Dora is bi-lingual. You can find some really unique ideas to use when it's Dora the Explorer birthday parties you are planning.

Dora Birthday Party Supplies

There are some Dora Birthday Party Supplies that you should think about using if you are planning a Dora party for your child. There is a party pack that includes party invitations and thank you notes, paper plates, cups, napkins and some party decorating supplies. It's perfect for a kids party of up to 8 children. Buying this party pack is like buying party supplies at a wholesale can save you money. Do the math yourself if you don't believe me. Add up the supply prices for the individual packages and then take a look at the party pack price. These party boxes are a smart idea. Take a look to see if one of these is a good deal for you. There are three sizes to choose from. But first let's take a look inside to see the Dora party invitations, and all the other party accessories.

Dora Birthday Cake Ideas

Dora the Explorer birthday parties need a Dora Birthday Cake to go with your Dora birthday party supplies. Did you know you can make a Dora cake at home? It's easy to bake a cake, but now it's also easy to decorate that homemade cake. You don't have to take cake decorating courses to thrill your child with a cake...just use a cake topper kit. Cake toppers are plastic pieces that sit right on top of your homebaked, frosted cake. There are Dora candles that you can sit on top of your cake too. You will be surprised at how simple it is to create a cake that looks like a professional decorator made it. A cake topper is another way you can save some money when you are using a Dora theme. There is also a Dora cake pan you can try your decorating skills with.

Making your own cake is a huge kids party money saver! You can also find edible cake images that you just put right on top of your frosted cake or cupcakes. It's easy as can be and your family will be quite surprised at your talent!

Dora the Explorer birthday parties are supposed to be an adventure...are you brave enough to let each of your party guests decorate their own dora cupcake? It sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it? You can use a couple different colored frostings, some sprinkles, plastic Dora cupcake rings or a Dora cupcake topper. You can even use Jungle Animals!

Dora Birthday Party Games

You will need a few Dora Birthday Party Games when you host a Dora theme party. Dora the Explorer birthday parties are famous for the wide variety of party games you can match up to this kids party theme. That's okay, there are always lots of fun game ideas when Dora is your theme.

The Dora pull string pinata is a favorite kids party game. It's also a safe kids party game, and that's most important. All you have to do is fill the pinata with some goodies. Then your ready to play the pinata game. Just blind fold your party guests, (or not) and let each guest pull a string on the pinata. One of those strings is the magic key that breaks the pinata the kids get to reap the rewards you've hidden inside!

Dora is famous for being a young explorer, so have a Dora Explorer Hunt in your yard or in your party room. You can plan out a map for the kids and give them clues that lead to the hidden treasures. You can fill plastic eggs with Dora stickers and tattoos. The kids will be thrilled.

You can have a Sing-a-Long with Dora songs from her CD's or TV show. Play Musical Chairs with the Dora theme as the music. Musical Chairs is a classic party game that has been around for years, it was fun then and it is still fun today.

Dora Birthday Party Crafts

You can make a kids birthday craft kit of your own, or you can buy one online. There are plenty of them to be found at my favorite online craft kit supply store, Oriental Trading Company. These craft kits are fun and pretty inexpensive. You can help the kids make a Dora bracelet. Depending on the age of your party guests, of course, some kids might be too young for this one. You can buy a jewelry making kit at The Oriental Trading Company.

You can also make some jewelry out of pasta. You will need some elastic string and lots of different pasta shapes. You can paint the pasta or dye it...make sure you use safe coloring materials since it's going to be used by children. I'll bet you remember making your own macaroni jewelry not too long ago!

You might decide to choose a photo frame activity kit. A good one for a Dora theme party is the called "It's A Jungle Out There! Photo Frame Magnet Craft Kit". Dora likes to help animals, so this fits with your party theme perfectly. It also makes a great party favor idea. There are lots of jungle animal related activities and crafts that are just right for a Dora the Explorer birthday parties. If you would like more kids birthday party craft ideas take a look at The Oriental Trading Company.

They have tons of fun craft kits, jewelry making supplies and party game and favor ideas that will make your parties stand out above the rest. Kids will remember all the fun they had making crafts, photo frames or jewelry.

Make some colorful tissue flowers...there's actually a kit for that at the Oriental Trading Company. So if you think that's a good craft idea for your Dora party be sure to check it out.

Take a look at our Homemade Play Dough page and let the kids make some animal play dough figures. Use premade play dough and cookie cutters shaped like animals. Find the recipe and prepare your edible play dough before the party date. Homemade Play Dough is easy to make and fun to play with.

Print out some free printable Dora coloring pages. You can find them at Dora coloring pages. Coloring pages of Dora are the perfect diversion at Dora the Explorer birthday parties.

Dora Party Favors

Kids love Dora party favors! Here are the ones I have seen:

  • Dora Bubbles
  • Stickers
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Telescope
  • Binoculars
  • Pith Helmet
  • Lip Gloss Braclets
  • Zipper Pulls
  • Dora Rubber Bracelets
Dora the Explorer birthday parties are filled with wonderful party ideas for your kids! Get some fun ideas for Dora Party Favors and get ready to throw a great Dora the Explorer Party!

Find party gifts for Dora the Explorer parties at Dora the Explorer gift ideas.

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