Dora Party Supplies - Plan A Kids Birthday Party With A Dora The Explorer Theme

Dora Party Supplies - Plan A Kids Birthday Party With A Dora The Explorer Theme. Get all the fun party supplies and ideas you need! Dora is an easy and fun party to plan and host.

Dora the Explorer Lip Gloss Bracelets (8)

Dora The Explorer Soundtrack CD

Dora the Explorer 18" Foil Balloon

Pick out Dora party plates, cups and napkins with this little explorer and her friends on them. Take a look at the wall decals, the tablecloth and the party table centerpiece that match the party supplies. Balloons, party hats, thank you notes and invitations are always a big help when you are planning a kids party and the Dora supplies have them.

There are also lots of party favor ideas along with the Dora supplies...favors like a Dora Easy Go Yo-Yo, Lip Gloss...a must for all explorers, a pith helmet, binoculars or a telescope and there is even a Boots beanbag...okay it's just a monkey beanbag plush, but I think it looks like Boots! You can also find a Dora the Explorer Cupcake Stand to stack your party cupcakes on.

For some extra party activities how about these Dora the Explorer Mini Velvet Poster Packs (8). Your guests will delight in the beautiful posters they make themselves!

You can find lots of fun party ideas that involve Dora and her friends. Find out more about ideas like a Dora Pull String pinata, a Explorer Scavenger Hunt and a Dora-Sing-Along to entertain your guests.

Need more ideas? Then visit our Dora The Explorer Party Ideas. page. You will find lots of fun ideas.

And don't forget your free coloring pages so your party guests can color. Look what I found for you... Dora The Explorer Coloring Pages. Print out as many as you like...they are free! Use them as a party activity or even a take home party favor. Put a couple coloring sheets into a party bag and toss in a box of Dora crayons. Each party guest can take one of the bags home as a special thank you gift.

You can also combine the coloring pages with the party favors you will find along with the Dora party supplies. It's all up to you and your party budget!

One more fun idea to consider is the Dora The Explorer Soundtrack CD. You can have lots of musical games and dancing at a party with a Dora soundtrack!

Take a look at our Dora party supplies and favor suggestions. Pick and choose the ones you like best, the ones that will make the biggest impact on your party plans. It's fun to host a Dora the Explorer party!

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