Donkey Kong Party Supplies

Plan A Fun Kid's Birthday Party With These Donkey Kong Party Supplies. Find Party Plates, Cups, Party Favors And Even A Pinata With A Donkey Kong Country Returns Theme.

I've found some great party supplies, party favors and some fun party game ideas that kids will really enjoy, and they all have a Donkey Kong Theme! The pack pictured is the deluxe pack with party favor boxes, but you can find smaller party packs, individual party supplies and favors too.

Donkey Kong Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

This Deluxe Party Supply Pack comes with the plates, cups, napkins, and party favor boxes you need to host a kids Donkey Kong party for up to 8 kids. This kids party theme is colorful, fun, just like a barrel full of I am sure that's a phrase that's used quite a bit when you hear about a Donkey Kong party!

Who Is Donkey Kong?

Who is this Donkey Kong Character and what video games can you find him in? Donkey Kong is a loveable Nintendo character, most recognizable as a gorilla. Donkey Kong made his first appearance in the classic Nintendo game, Donkey Kong, released in 1981. Of course, the classic Mario, previously called Jump man, also made his first appearance in this game. Though that was Donkey Kong's first appearance, it certainly wasn't his last. In fact, Donkey Kong is still making special appearances. Donkey's next appearance was in the first series of Donkey Kong Country. Of course, genealogically, that Donkey Kong is supposed to be the grandson of the original Donkey Kong. Diddy Kong is the nephew to Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong History

Here's a little Donkey Kong history so you can learn about one of your favorite Nintendo characters! In the 80s, Nintendo was sued by Universal Studios. They claimed that Donkey Kong was in copyright violations, claiming that Nintendo stole the name from King Kong. Nintendo won the lawsuit and several court appeals after Nintendo's lawyer discovered that Universal did not own the copyright. In fact, King Kong was in the public domain -- a huge victory for the Nintendo group.

Donkey Kong appears in almost every Sports Mario game, including Mario Tennis and Mario Baseball. He was a playable character in the first Mario Party series and became an event character in the other Mario Party titles. However, you could also find Donkey Kong in his own Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii. Donkey Kong could be found making beats on his title, Donky Konga, released on the Gamecube. Donkey is also a playable character on every Super Smash Bro. title.

Donkey Kong is also notorious for being stealthily hidden on other titles, including being an audience member on the classic, Punch-Out! He is also a hidden character on the Wii version of Punch-Out!

I'm sure Donkey Kong isn't finished making his appearances yet. Look for him in future Nintendo titles.

Donkey Kong Invitations

The first thing you need for any party is a plan. Get together a guest list, pick a date, a time and a place...your party is getting started! Now, pick a party theme kids will a Nintendo game character, Donkey Kong. You can see these invitations in the picture below...they are the fill in style invites. Just fill in the important party information, add an RSVP phone number, address the envelopes, put the invites in and mail them out. Wait for the phone calls saying who will be there and then you can begin to buy your party supplies. With the count from the RSVPs you will know exactly how many children will be attending.

Donkey Kong Invitations (8)

Birthday Party Decorations

It's fun to decorate for a kid's birthday party and the Donkey Kong theme makes decorating easy as can be. You can find party banners to put your child's picture on to start your this one in the picture. You can pick from different sizes and there's even party banner that comes without the picture...I like this one best.

There are lots of other decorating ideas with this Nintendo game theme. You can find some Donkey Kong Giant Wall Decals, surprise the kids with a big Donkey Kong Standup, or even some colorful latex party balloons and some character stamped mylar balloons. There is also a party placemat you can dress up your party table with.
Donkey Kong Activity Placemats (4)

Donkey Kong Party Favor Ideas

There is a party favor box that is full of goodies to match your Donkey Kong party theme. Take a look at the picture shows the decorated box and these fun party favors:

  • A Donkey Kong sticker sheet
  • Noise putty
  • A mini candy gumball machine
  • A laser disc spin top
  • A Donkey Kong notepad
  • 4 primary crayons
Donkey Kong Party Favor Box

You can also find some of these party favors sold individually. Buy one or all to hand out to your party guests as thank you gifts.

Donkey Kong Yo-Yo
Donkey Kong Sticker Sheets
Donkey Kong Tattoos
Donkey Kong Pencils
Donkey Kong Notepads

Donkey Kong Party Pinata Game

Every kid's party needs some games, so start the fun off with this "Donkey Kong 22"" Pull-String Pinata". Just put some goodies and treats in the pinata, hang it and let each guest have a turn at being blindfolded and being able to pull a string. One of those pulls will break open the pinata, let the treats come spilling out and then the kids will try to gather as many goodies as they can. It's a fun party game that kids really enjoy!

Need more fun party games? How about a Relay one team Mario and the other Donkey Kong. Another fun game is the Toss Game...DK can toss bricks far...have a contest to see who can throw something the farthest.

How about a couple Flingshot Flying Monkey toys. These are pretty funny...these might be fun to use with your relay race ideas.

Going Bananas Monkey Bean Bag Toss Game

How about a Monkey Bean Bag Toss Game called "Going Bananas" for your Donkey Kong party? It's a fun game kids will love!

It's pretty easy to make a bean bag toss game at home with a cardboard box, some yellow paint and some bean bags. Use a monkey poster...or a Donkey Kong decorate the box and cut three holes in it.

Donkey Kong Game Prize Ideas

I found some hysterical game prizes that are perfect for Donkey Kong party games. You can use any of the party favors on this page and each one would make a good game prize, but I am really thrilled with these Top Banana Tropheys...The Perfect Game Prize For A Donkey Kong Party!

Donkey Kong Party Food Ideas

Donkey Kong party food ideas are fun and easy! Donkey Kong loves bananas, so let each guest make their own banana split as part of your party plans. Set out ice cream, toppings and bananas. It's a fun treat for the kids, it's tasty as can be and I can't think of one child I know who doesn't love ice cream.

You can also serve Frozen Bananas. Did you know you can also dip them in chocolate to make them even better? You just cut the bananas in half, insert a popcycle stick into them and freeze...or dip them into some melted chocolate and freeze them.

You can also cut some bananas up in small pieces and let the kids dip them into different toppings. Chocolate is my favorite!

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