Dog Theme Birthday Party

Dog Theme Birthday Party is one of the most popular kids birthday party theme ideas right now. If you want to use this fun theme for your next kids birthday party, you have got to see all the fun dog birthday party supplies that are available for you.

Start out with DOG party invitations and let everyone know right away all the fun they are in for!

Party packs filled with dog party supplies are available in three different sizes. The Basic, the Deluxe and the Ultimate...take a look and see which of these dog birthday party supplies kits fits your needs.

Personalized dog party banners are a great decorating idea. You might even be able to find your own dog's breed picture on one of them. They come in:

  • Beagle
  • Boxer
  • Bulldog
  • Chihuahua
  • Dachshund
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador
  • Poodle
  • Pug
  • Shihtzu
  • Yorkie

Take a look at the dog bone cookie cutters, you can use them as a party favor or you can get one for yourself to make some Doggie treats for your party. Make burgers or sandwiches using the cookie cutter. Dog bone burgers, sandwiches or cookies will amaze your little party guests. Dog Chow is an easy to make snack. Simply combine small snack crackers, chocolate chips, dried fruits...and you can always serve it in brand new dog food bowls. Dog food bowls are a great serving bowl idea that fit in perfectly with your dog theme birthday party ideas.

Dog Party Favors

Dog party favors are plentiful! You can choose from bean bag dogs, dog tags, puppy ear headbands, stickers, bone cookie cutters and there are even more ideas. Take a look at some of them.

Fun Dog Games For Your Dog Theme Birthday Party

Fun dog games include the Dog Bone Pinata. Fill this unique pinata up with goodies, get a pull string conversion kit too. A pull string conversion kit makes your pinata game safe for the kids. No hitting or swinging a stick involved. Another of the fun dog games is Dog, Dog, Cat for the younger party crowd. It is really a take off on Duck, Duck, Goose...young kids love it! Have a Barking Contest. See who can bark the loudest. Try a barking contest, Dog, Dog, Cat or Doggie Charades for some other ideas to entertain the party guests. There's even a board game, the Do You Look Like Your Dog? Game.

For more fun dog games like:

  • Fido Says
  • Name That Dog
  • Romping Rovers
  • Feed the Puppy
  • Doggy Freeze Dance

just go to our party planning guide. You can find more game, food and fun ideas in our Dog party planning's just a little further down the page. Make sure you take a look so you can get some unique and fun party ideas.

Dog Food For Your Dog Theme Birthday Party

It's easy to make "Dog Food" for your party guests. Just get a the dog bone cookie cutter and cut your sandwich bread with it. You can also make dog bone shaped cookies or muffins using that cookie cutter. You can even use it to shape chop meat for some dog bone burgers! Cut cheese with it, or fruit...there is no end to what you can do with this fun cookie cutter. Krispy Rice Treats would be another easy cutting idea.

Planning A Dog Birthday Party

Planning a dog birthday party is very easy when you have lots of dog birthday party supplies available. Simple decorating tools like paw print latex balloons, and doggie wall decorations along with theme party supplies turn your home into a wonderland of your chosen party this case...dogs! You can find a party planning guide for dog parties at Dog Party Ideas. Get some great party planning ideas and tips you can use for any kind of birthday party...but there are some unique dog ideas here you are going to love. Ideas like:

  • Hound Dog Cake Hunt
  • Best In Show
  • Dog Crafts & Activities
  • In the Doghouse Musical Game
  • Doggy Bone Hunt
  • Dogcatcher Tag
  • Play Fetch
When you check out this free dog party planning guide take a look at some of the party supplies on that page. A Puppy Pinata or K-9 Candy

Pink Bone Straw

Price: 6.99

Package of 12 pink crazy straws shaped like bones!

Puppy Party Game

Price: 3.79

This Puppy Party pin-the-paw-print game includes a game poster and 12 stickers. Ages 2 and up.

Puppy Pinata

Price: 14.99

Your little hounds will have a barking good time with this brown and white traditional pinata that's shaped like a puppy! Ages 3 and up.

Party Pets Banner

Price: 4.39

Decorate the party area with a Party Pets birthday banner featuring a "Happy Birthday" message and images that coordinate with our Party Pets party supplies. Ages 3 and up.

Puppy Party Streamer

Price: 2.29

Pattern matching Puppy Party crepe streamer

Party Dogs Deluxe Favor Set

Price: 7.99

One set of Party Dogs deluxe favors, favor box, and crinkle paper.

Dog Coloring Pages

Get some free, printable dog coloring pages to entertain your party guests at your dog theme birthday party. You can find some at Dog Party Coloring Page. What fun your guests will have, and all you have to supply is some crayons.

There are plenty of dog theme birthday party ideas out there and you may want to consider Bolt, Scooby Doo, Pink Poodle, or a Puppy party theme for that little dog lover in your house!

Find more dog birthday theme party ideas by clicking on these links.

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Plaid Pals

Scooby Doo


Get the party accessories you need for dog theme birthday party ideas at our Dog Birthday Party Supplies Page.

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