Dog Party Ideas For Kids

Dog Party Ideas for kids are so popular right now. There are three kids themes that come to mind immediatly...Bolt, Pink Poodle in Paris and THE DOG!

Dog Party Favors...Bolt, Pink Poodle and THE DOG

You can get so many fun party accessories to go with the dog theme! There are balloons with paw prints on them, dog favor boxes and cake toppers with Bolt, THE DOG or the Pink Poodle. The party favor boxes are jam packed with fun stuff that kids love. There are stuffed dogs, temporary tattoos, why not take a look for yourself!

Kids Dog Party Cakes Starring Bolt, THE DOG or the Pink Poodle

You can bake your own doggie party cake. If you buy a cake topper to use a cake decoration and put it right on top of your homemade and frosted cake...your going to look like a professional cake decorator to your family and your friends. You will also save money by making the birthday cake yourself, rather than buying it from a bakery!

Bolt, THE DOG or Pink Poodle Party Games for Kids

Play some fun dog party games. There are lots of them..."Bolt Super Bark contests", "THE DOG Says" and "Pin the Tail on the Pink Poodle" are just a few party games you can use. Kids love games so make sure to plan a couple for your party. Get some small toys or candy treats to give everyone as game prizes after the games are over.

Here's a little bit of background for your dog party ideas for kids. Bolt is a Hollywood TV Star. His character has Super Dog Powers and Bolt has grown up on this television set. He thinks he really does have super powers. When he is accidently shipped in a box to New York, he cannot understand why his powers aren't working.

With the help of his new friends, Maggie and Rhino, Bolt returns to Hollywood and his co-star Penny.

Pink Poodle in Paris is a pretty pink girl's party theme. Fancy Nancy would love it, because Nancy thinks French is a fancy language and the poodle is certainly a very fancy dog.

THE DOG is a collection of party supplies just filled with puppies and dogs. It's the perfect party theme for anyone who is a dog lover!

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