Dog Costumes - The Canine Cheerleader Costume

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Halloween Costume for Dogs...the Cheerleader...Canine Squad

Halloween Costume for Dogs...the Cheerleader...Canine Squad

We found this cute doggie cheerleader costume idea at a howl and walk doggie fund raiser event held at Horseshoe Lake. It was a beautiful day at the lake and many dog lovers came with their pets all dressed up in cute costumes like this Cheerleader outfit.

We saw a convict, a ballerina, a bee, a ladybug and Count Dracula. You can find lots of fun dog costume ideas at our Cute dog costumes page. Find the ideal costume for your pooch. I like to dress my Shepherd up as Count Dracula, he would never go for a cheerleading outfit, but your dog might love it.

If you have any pictures of your dog in a costume why not share it with us...have the fun of putting your dogs picture up on a web page.

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