Dizzy Mummy - Make A Mummy In A Minute

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

To play Dizzy Mummy you need a roll of toilet paper

To play Dizzy Mummy you need a roll of toilet paper

Play Dizzy Mummy, one of the funny party games you will find at Party Ideas Parade. I found this game on the TV show A Minute To Win It. To play this silly, funny, dizzying party game you are going to need some toilet paper and a one minute timer.

To play this game you must use your body to make yourself a mummy by spinning around in circles. The toilet paper is held up on something next to you and you can not touch it at all. You will make yourself like a mummy.

You must unroll the entire roll of toilet paper around yourself. You can not let it rip at all or you lose automatically. You can also lose by not getting the entire roll done in your sixty second time limit that is allowed for this game. So get your timer started and start spinning!

It sounds like simple fun but it is tougher than it sounds. Get ready for some rip, roaring laughter when your friends begin to wrap themselves up like a mummy.

You can get toilet paper out of your bathroom linen closet or at your local store. You can find party supplies and lots of game prizes for these funny party games at the
Oriental Trading Company.

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