Diva Party Ideas

Diva Party Ideas are fun for girls of all ages, and I do mean all ages! The term “Diva” really means a very talented female singer. It is a term given to only the most celebrated and talented stars. It is an Italian word, which in translation means “goddess”. Today the term means "celebrated", or "special" and aren't all our daughters that!

When to Have a Diva Girl Party

A Diva Party is a perfect theme for:

  • A Girl's Birthday Party
  • A Karaoke Party
  • A Sleep Over Party

Fun Party Games for Your Diva's

If the term diva means a talented singer...Get out the microphones and the Karaoke machine!

Have a singing contest or a Karaoke Song Fest. Why not film the girls having a concert. They can all enjoy the video later in the evening, and you can save it forever! It will become one of your most treasured possessions.

Any Glitzy, Glamorous or Princess Party Decorations will work well for the Diva Party.

The term Diva in a different sense means spoiled so why not spoil your little Diva and her party guests with the spa treatment. Let the girls give each other make overs. They can play dress up games so get out all your old party dresses Mom! A manicure and a pedicure are very Diva like behaviors, so you can set up a mini-make over salon in your kitchen or family room and let the girls go to town.

Party Favor Ideas for the Diva Girl Party

Diva Party Ideas will call for some glamorous party favors. Mini Microphones and Feather Boas are perfect and they will make some very functional party favors at the Diva Party. I can just picture all the young girls parading around in their Boas speaking into their microphones! How Divaish!

Diva Girl Party Decorating Ideas

Party Balloons are always fun and they are a cheap way to get a lot of party decoration for your money. You can make any place look like a party with latex colored balloons!

You can use Hollywood style decorations or Princess style decorations to go with Diva party ideas. They will both work well.

Get some fun themed paper party supplies, you know, plates, napkins and cups in funky colors or in a particular pattern you like and you'll be set.

Even Diva's Have to Eat!

Diva Girl Party Recipe Ideas will be perfect for this party theme. Serve the girls finger foods and pinwheel sandwiches. Easy and quick to make, but pretty fancy party foods, don't you think?

If your in the mood to cook, and have a few friends who can help out, you can turn your kitchen into a restaurant for the evening. Hand out Dinner Menus with a few different selections and let the Young Divas order their meals. Your friends can be the wait staff who helps to serve the dinners. Very Posh!

Diva Party Dessert Ideas

Movie Star Diva Cupcake Pics

Why not make everyone their own Diva Girl Cupcake? Cupcakes are so easy to make and just as simple to decorate. The Party Works has everything you'll need to make a beautiful cupcake. You can get cupcake toppers, edible or plastic, to use on top of your frosted cupcakes. Or you can let the little Divas decorate their own cupcakes!

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