Disney WALL-E

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WALL-E is a clean freak. His job is to clean the planet Earth, and he does it everyday...trying to clean up the mess that humans made. WALL-E is a Disney Pixar film, and it there is one thing we know about Pixar, it's that they make the best animated films.

Earth's inhabitants have been evacuated to a fully automated luxury BnL starliners. The plan is to leave Earth for 5 years while WALL-E robots were left to clean the p lanet. The plan failed and after 700 years we only see one little clean up robot left, but that little guy is still working.

Another space ship drops off a probe, EVE, and WALL-E seems to fall in love at first sight. When he shows EVE his seedling plant, she takes it and sends for her spaceship. You've got to watch the rest of the movie to find out what happens, but you and your kids will enjoy this Pixar film.

What else came out of this Disney film? WALL-E party ideas. And along with the wonderful party ideas, came loads of party supplies.

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