Disney Cars Party Favors

Disney Cars Party Favors Featuring Lightening McQueen, Tow Mater, Finn, McMissle, and Acer. If Your Child Likes The Disney Cars Movies, They Will Be Thrilled With This Party Theme.

Disney Cars Party Favors come in every size and shape. You are going to have as much fun picking these favors out as the kids will have getting them. First, get your party supplies.

Disney Cars Party Ultimate Box

You can get theme decorated plates, cups, napkins and more. Plan some Cars style party games and you can use these party favors as game prizes. Make sure you arrange plenty of games since that's what is most fun about a party.

Disney Cars Party Deluxe Favor Set

This favor box looks like Lightening McQueen and it comes with these favors:
  • 1 Disney Cars Party Favor Boxes
  • 1 Cars - The Movie Punch Balloon
  • 1 Disney Cars Party Sticker
  • 1 Disney Cars Party Notepad
  • 1 Disney's Cars Pencil Topper with Flag
  • 1 Disney's Cars Launcher

That is the super duper favor set, and there are two more sizes for you to pick from. Check them out by clicking on the picture and going into an online party shop.

Some party planners like the party favor boxes, but others like to pick and choose their favors. This page is going to give you lots of fun ideas. Pick out your favorites and enjoy planning your Cars party.

Racing Helmets are a fitting party favor for a Disney Cars party theme. They come in bright colors and I can picture the kids wearing them the entire party.

Racing Helmet

Here's a racing striped pencil that kids can speed on paper with. Have a drawing contest at your party. See who can draw the best car! Let them use this specially decorated pencil.

Race Car Pencil

Rubber Band Bracelets in bright colors are a fun and inexpensive party favor or game prize that work well with the Cars party theme.

Rubber Race Car Wristbands

These notepads make a match with the pencil in the picture up there. Add both to a party favor bag, tie it closed with some red curling ribbon, and you've made your first party favor bag.

Disney Cars Party Notepad

Personalized Disney Cars party favors are always a popular gift idea for your party guests. Here is a picture of a mini pin with Lightening McQueen on it and you can also add your child's name. There are pins, large and small, magnets, large and small and other items you can personalize. Some of them are:
  • A Cars Bookmark
  • A Bag Tag
  • Cars Too Luggage Tag
  • A Zipper Pull
Click on the picture if you would like to see these cute personalized items.

How about some temporary tattoos? Kids really have fun with these tattoos. It makes them feel pretty cool to wear them for a while.

Disney Cars Party Tattoos

Would you like to include a party activity in your party plans? This sun catcher will double as a party activity and a party favor. It's in the shape of a race car, so it matches the theme of your party.

Race Car Sun Catcher Kit

Get Your Cars Party Guide

Get great ideas for food, invitations, games, challenges and more when you plan a Cars party theme. This guide is free and has lots of good ideas that will easily fit into any party plan.

Disney Cars Party Guide

Disney Cars Party Game Ideas

Here are some more reasons to stock up on the Disney Cars party favors...the party games!

The Tire Obstacle Course Challenge Race

This is a great game choice for a kids Disney Cars Party. Lay the tires out in a pattern and have the kids run or jump through them. These tires make a good foundation for a relay race challenge.

Inflatable Tire Obstacle Course

How about adding a coloring project to your party plans? This is a Color A Race Car set and here's what it comes with.

Color Your Own Race Car
This race car is really cool! It's made of cardboard and it's an easy craft for a kids party. You get the cardboard car and 6 safe markers. It's a fun idea for a birthday or holiday party.

I also found this Disney Cars Coloring Puzzle. The kids will have a blast coloring these fun puzzle pieces, or the race car up top.

Disney's Cars Jumbo Coloring Puzzle

Last, but never least, the Pinata Game is a crowd pleaser when it comes to a kids birthday party. This Disney Cars Pinata fits your theme, so fill it up with candies and treats, and let the kids have a try at pulling those strings...yes, this is a pull string pinata and that means it is safe!

Cars - The Movie Pinata

Disney Cars Birthday Cake Ideas

There are several different ways to serve a Cars birthday cake at this celebration. There's a Cars Cake Pan, some Cars Cake Toppers and some Cars Candles. So you can bake and decorate your own cake shaped like Lightening McQueen, top off any cake with the cake toppers or add some Cars character candles as a cake decoration. All three of these cake decorating ideas are pretty easy. Just determine the amount of work you want to do, and choose accordingly.

Get the Race Cars Candles or pick the cake topper. Any of these ideas will make a great cake for your party.

Cars Cake Toppers

I hope you found some good ideas and lots of Disney Cars Party Favors on this page. Add some of these cute favors and games to your party plans and host a fun birthday for your child.

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