Fun Dinosaur Train Party Ideas For Kids

Dinosaur Train Party Ideas Are A Great Kids Birthday Party Theme. Find Fun Party Games, Food Ideas, Favors And Party Supplies With The Dinosaur Train Theme.

These party ideas are based on the popular kids TV show, Dinosaur Train. If your child is a fan of the show and it's characters, this is the perfect party theme idea for you! Look at this deluxe party supply pack and see all the colorful party supplies you can find.

Dinosaur Train Deluxe Box

When the kids arrive at your Dinosaur Train party start the fun off by playing the "Who Am I Game". Write the names of the Dinosaur Train characters on a name tag. Put a name tag on the back of each party guest. During the party the kids must find out who they are. They can ask other kids questions that have a yes or no answer and with these clues they should be able to figure out which Dinosaur Train character they are. The names of the characters are:
  • Buddy
  • Tiny
  • Shiny
  • Don
  • Mrs.Pteranodon
  • Mr.Pteranodon
  • Dr. Scott Sampson

Along with the party supplies you need to host a Dinosaur Train like:

  • Invitations
  • Party Plates
  • Party Cups
  • Decorations
  • Party Favors
You will also need some party food and party games, along with a fun party activity or two. That's what makes a kids party great...a good party is fun, but a great party is unforgettable!

You might be wondering how to make some kid's party food unforgettable...that sounds like a huge challenge, doesn't it? Well, it is really very simple. Decide what party food you want to serve and then give it a little bit of a twist. Rename it! That's right...just rename your party food and give each item a name tag.

For example, your famous deviled egg recipe just became your "Dinosaur Eggs" and your beautiful fruit tray served up with a special marshmallow dip just became "Herbivore Food", while your grilled hot dogs with mustard become "Carnivore Food". Get it? Your delish party food just became another way to infuse your party theme into every stage of your festivities. Make the kids feel like they are at a Dinosaur party by creating a mood they won't soon forget. Get more ideas like these in the Dinosaur Train Party Guide.

Okay, now for some games with a Dinosaur Theme. It's easy, don't worry. How about a Hunt For Dinosaur Eggs...okay, that's actually a take off on your yearly Easter Egg Hunt. Hide plastic eggs filled with candies or use dyed hard boiled eggs and wrapped candies and have the kids search for them. Hide the eggs and treats all over the place...the more the better! Kids love a good treasure hunt. There's also the Dino Cave game. Find out more about this one and other fun dino party activities at Dinosaur Train Party Guide.

Here's a great accessory to include with your Dinosaur Train Party Ideas. It's a giant dinosaur the kids can color and decorate. It's great fun!

Color Your Own Dinosaur

When you click the Dinosaur Train Party Ideas pictures you will go to an online party supplies catalog where you can find lots of Dino party accessories. Here's what else you can get:
  • Dinosaur Pinata
  • Dinosaur Cake Pan
  • Dinosaur Cookie Cutter
  • Dinosaur Adventure Cupcake Picks
  • Birthday Cake Candles
  • Dinosaur Gummy Candy
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Pin The Dinosaur Party Game
And that's just the beginning of the list of fun party supplies you will find. You've just found the place where you can find the party ideas, supplies, games and accessories to plan and host the best Dinosaur Train Party of the year!

I hope you found the Dinosaur Train Party Ideas you need for your next kids birthday party. We'd love to hear your ideas, so if you'd like to share them with us, please use the contact button on the nav bar.

Make A Homemade Dinosaur Train Buddy Costume!

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