Dinosaur Party Supplies For Kids

Dinosaur Party Supplies For Kids! Find The Coolest Dinosaur Party Supplies, Party Favors, and Game Prizes To Help You Plan The Best Dino Birthday Party Ever!

Anyone who is planning a kid's dinosaur party will most likely start with the basic party supplies...you know, the plates, cups, napkins, and table cloth all decorated in a pattern. There are a couple of very cute dino pattern party supply packs you can pick from. Here's a picture of the one I found at The Oriental Trading Company.

It's cute and it has 8 plates, cups, napkins, a table cloth, plastic ware, invitations and streamers to decorate your party room. It's an inexpensive way to add a bit of dino theme to your party table.

I don't like to spend a lot of money on the party supplies. I like to invest more of my party's budget to the party favors and game prizes. That's where the real party fun is!

I have found so many fun dino themed favors and game prizes...along with a couple of game ideas...and I want to show them to you. You can pick them all or you can pick one of these cool ideas...they are all lots of fun.

This interesting party favor idea has 6 Hatching Dinosaur Eggs and it will match your dinosaur party supplies perfectly. Send one home with each guest in a goody bag. Here's what these eggs do...they hatch a dinosaur! Instruct each child to soak the pretend dinosaur eggs in a container of water and then wait 12 to 24 hours for the eggs to break open and hatch a baby dinosaur. It's a lot of fun.

Here is a fun party game idea. Stick with the dinosaur party theme and have a dino flying contest. Let's see who's glider can fly the longest distance. This is an easy game to play. Just set up a start line that kids cannot cross and let them send their gliders off. Mark the spots where each child's dinosaur landed to see who wins. You can play this game over and over during the party since you will get 48 gliders in each pack. Plan on having lots of fun game prizes on hand. And here are some really cool dinosaur tattoos you can use for game prizes. You get 6 dozen of these cool temporary tattoos so hand them out freely at the party and add some to each take home goody bag. With these temporary tattoos all your party guests will look like dinosaur party supplies!

Kids enjoy arts and crafts. Coloring and painting is a great party activity and you can combine this creative past time with your dinosaur party theme with these color your own sun catchers...in dinosaur shapes. Take a look at these fun party craft ideas kids will love.

There are 24 sun catcher kits in this pack so again, you can have party fun and send some home with each guest. It's recommended that you use specific paints with these sun catchers so I've put a picture of some sun catcher paint markers here. Click on it to find more choices for painting your sun catcher crafts.

I like these marker paints. They will be easy for the kids to color with and I think they would be less messy than regular paints and brushes.

Here are some more fun dinosaur party supplies...more favors and game ideas...for your birthday bash. It's a fast paced party theme that will help keep those kids entertained and having fun. These paddle ball projects are another fun kids party idea. Have each child decorate their very own paddle ball and then they get to play with them.

When you shop at the Oriental Trading Company be sure to check the customer reviews on each product you're thinking about ordering. See how other moms rate these kids novelty toys. If an item gets a poor rating, don't buy it. It probably isn't a great value for you. Buy the items that other party hosts got the most fun out of.

Here's an interesting party activity or party favor idea to add to each goody bag. It's a dinosaur dig kit...check it out, the kids will enjoy becoming amateur archaeologists for a day with this fun excavation kit.

Kids love bouncing balls and I found just the thing to match your dinosaur party supplies. These are 3D Dinosaur Balls and I think they would make a good accessory to another party game. Use these balls, which has a dinosaur inside, like you would a bean bag and toss them. Set up buckets and a foul line. Have the kids try to toss the balls into the buckets without going over the foul line. Use those cute dinosaur tattoos as game prizes. Then make sure each child gets one of these decorative party balls in their goody bag before they leave.

How about some sticker book fun at your birthday party? Of course, the sticker books I found have a dinosaur theme your party guests will enjoy. You get 12 books full of dino-riffic fun! 24 stickers of dinosaurs and dino footprints for the kids to decorate their books with. You can't go wrong with stickers at a kids party.

The Dinosaur Party Favor Bag

If you want to get all your party favors at once you can choose the Dinosaur party favor bag pack. It comes with a goody bag chock full of fun dino items. This is a popular choice with other shoppers at the OTC. Check out all the fun stuff that comes with these goody bags.

You can't go wrong with this fun filled bag of novelty dinosaur themed items.

There are lots more dino toys you can take a look at.

Dinosaur Party Pictures

I really like the photo props that are sold in different party themes. These card board stand ups help you take a unique party picture your guests can bring home and save as a keepsake of your party. It will make them laugh for years to come! Here is a photo prop with a dinosaur theme so you can take pictures of each guest at your child's birthday party.

I think it's a great addition to enclose with your party thank you notes. What a surprise it will be for each child and their parents too!

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Ideas

Every birthday party needs some cake ideas and a dinosaur party theme is no exception. But it's not a problem at all because I found a very cute silicon baking pan that makes dinosaur cupcakes. Cupcakes are the perfect child's birthday party dessert...they are just the right size for kids to handle. And wait until you see the shapes this baking pan will produce...it's a great idea.


Look at all those different dinosaur shapes and imagine the finished product...dinosaur cupcakes...they are great, don't you agree? Another way to have some dinosaur cupcake fun is to bake regular cupcakes, frost them and add a dinosaur ring to the top. It's easy to make these fun decorated cupcakes and the kids get to keep the dino ring.

Where To Find More Dinosaur Party Supplies

There are so many different dinosaur party supplies and favor ideas to show you. I think your best bet is to visit the Oriental Trading Company and taking a look at their online party supplies catalog. It is full of great ideas that will make your party planning easy as can be. You can visit them by clicking on any of the pictures on this page.

Here are a couple more fun party ideas that anyone who buys dinosaur party supplies will find interesting and fun. The best thing about these party supplies is the different price ranges you will find. Some of the items, like the paint your own dinosaur bank crafts kit, is a little bit costly, but many of these items are very inexpensive. That means whatever your party budget is, you will be able to find lots of dinosaur fun that fits into your budget. These banks are about 16.00 but you get 12 of them.

Great Dinosaur Party Decorations

I was having so much fun with all the party favor ideas I almost forgot about the party decorations! Here are two ideas that are lots of fun...in fact...one of them can be turned into a party game. It's the dinosaur footprints! Use the footprints as Scavenger Hunt or Dinosaur Dig Clues...let these footprints lead to some hidden dinosaur treasure!

And these Pterodactyl Hanging 3-D Gliders are a great room decoration to match your dinosaur party supplies. They are 21" by 14" and they make an outstanding addition to your party decorations. Imagine these giant creatures flying high over head in prehistoric times!

Some Of My Favorite Dinosaur Party Picks

I have a couple favorite items with a dinosaur theme that would be a great addition to your dinosaur party supplies. First on my list are the Dinosaur Rubber Duckies. Rubber Duckies are so popular today you can find them in just about any theme, but not all of them are as cute as these dino duckies!

The molded Dinosaur Crayons are another top pick of mine. I think they are so much fun! You can help your child identify these prehistoric animals and have coloring fun at the same time. You get 3 dozen of these jurassic creatures and they come in different colors that make them easy to identify. There are orange Stegosaurus, yellow Tyrannosaurus, purple Brontosaurus, blue Triceratops, red Pterodactyl, and green Plesiosaurus.

I hope you found some great ideas and dinosaur party supplies for your child's birthday celebration. When I start my party planning with lots of ideas, I find, I end up hosting a great party and that's what I hope these fun dinosaur party ideas help you do.

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