Make A Dinosaur Easter Basket

Do You Have To Make A Dinosaur Easter Basket? Well, Here Are Some Easy And Fun Ideas So You Can Create A Jurassic Basket For The Dinosaur Fan In Your House!

These dino ideas are perfect for an Easter Basket or for kids birthday party ideas!

I found some great ideas to help you make that Dinosaur Easter Basket. Kids will love these goodies and treats that will make that basket special. It's fun to have a theme for your baskets and Dinosaur ideas are one of the most fun basket themes I can think of!First you are going to need a basket to fill up with goodies, so take a look at these. You will also get some fun dinosaur birthday party ideas when you see all these dino themed accessories.

That's a great price for this assortment of 6 baskets. Fill one with your dino stuff, candy to another and some dyed and decorated hard boiled eggs to another. It's fun to have lots of Easter baskets around.

Now of course, you are going to need some cellophane to wrap your basket in and some Easter grass too. Here's the cellophane and it's already decorated for Easter.

Dinosaur Stuff To Put In Your Easter Basket

Here are some fun ideas about what to put into your Dinosaur themed Easter basket. You are going to love some of these funny ideas and so is your child. Just keep scrolling down this page to find the toys, treats, and Easter candy you need to create a wonderful treat for your Easter Basket with a Dinosaur theme...Here goes!

Temporary Dinosaur Tattoos

These Dinosaur Easter Tattoos are just the right colors for your Spring basket. Kids have a blast putting on these temporary tattoos. And why shouldn't they? It's fun to decorate yourself with these cute little dinosaurs. But don't worry Mom...these temporary tattoos are easy to put on and easy to remove. Plus these temporary tattoos are inexpensive.

Dinosaur Eggs For Your Easter Basket

Every Easter basket needs some eggs and I've found just the thing for your Dino basket. Dinosaur eggs and each egg has a dinosaur inside. These look great and will be a fun treat for your kids. These colorful eggs are going to make your basket a great gift.

Prehistoric Dinosaur Rubber Duckies

These are the cutest Rubber Duckies I've ever seen! The Dinosaur Rubber Duckies are great for a kids party, but they are perfect for a Dinosaur Easter basket! Wait until your kids spot the Pero-quack-dal or a Tyrannosaurus quacks in their basket. And they are just the right colors for an Easter basket.

I told you they were cute!

Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

Here are some more dinosaur eggs, but there's a trick to these. You must soak them in water to hatch these dino eggs. The shells of these eggs will break anywhere from 12 to 24 hours later, and the baby dinosaurs will continue to expand for about 48 hours. These are a fun toy kids will really be amazed by. You will get six of the eggs in each set. Click on the picture to get more information.

Dino-Mite Skeletons

Here's something every budding archaeologist will enjoy, Dino-Mite Dinosaur Skeletons. Straight from the Mesozoic era to your Dinosaur Easter basket, this pack gives your child a look at what's under all that dinosaur skin.

Dinosaur Gliders

Want something unusual and fun for your Dinosaur Easter basket? How about some of these gliders? No, they aren't just any old glider, they are made in the shape of flying dinosaurs. These stone age themed gliders are great fun for kids and they make a very unique treat for that Easter basket.

An Inflatable Dinosaur

Here is something you don't see everyday. It's a big, inflatable dinosaur. When I say big, I mean big...this inflatable is 4 ft. when it's all blown up. Take a picture of this huge dinosaur with your child as a keepsake of this fun day.

Dinosaur Stencils To Draw A Dinosaur With

Kids love to draw and these dinosaur stencils will make it very easy for your child to draw a dinosaur. There are five different stencils in this pack, and that means lots of fun for the kid who likes to draw. This could be the awakening of a sleeping talent...or just lots of fun. Look at the picture to see what's included with this stencil set.

Dinosaur Bouncing Balls

Kids love to get an Easter basket filled with candy, but toys are a real treat. These Dinosaur character bouncing balls not only look great, they are fun to play with. Each of these 1 3/4" rubber balls contains it's own 3-D dinosaur. THis gift would make a great stocking stuffer, party favor or use it as a filler for a Dinosaur Easter Basket.

Molded Dinosaur Crayons

Yes, you read it correctly...Molded Dinosaur Crayons. These are another unusual gift idea that kids are going to really enjoy. How often do you see crayons shaped like dinosaurs? This is the first time I've ever seen them and I am amazed, so I can't wait to see the look on a child's face when they get these unique crayons in their Easter basket. The crayons come 6 to a pack and each pack includes an orange Stegosaurus, a yellow Tyrannosaurus, a purple Brontosaurus, a blue Triceratops, a red Pterodactyl, and a green Plesiosaurus. These are a great find!

Dinosaur Stampers

Dinosaur Stampers make creating wild prehistoric scenes easy and fun. Stamping makes it easy to make cards, crafts and just plain fun. Make sure to include some extra paper with these stamps so your child can start playing with them right away.

Dino-MIte Pterodactyl Hanging 3-D Gliders

The Pterodactyl is one of the most famous and popular dinosaurs and most kids are very familiar with them. Kids like to play with gliders and when you combine the two - dinos and gliders - you've got a fun, fun combination! Look at how great these dino gliders know your child will appreciate these when they find them in their Easter basket!

12 Dino-Mite Footprint Floor Decals

How about a Dinosaur Easter Basket Hunt using these super cool Dino-Mite Footprint Floor Decals for a fun idea for your child. It's going to be the very best Easter Hunt ever. Just put these dinosaur footprints on the floor is the direction you want your child to search. At the end of the trail you leave, they will find the unique Easter basket you made for them!

Moveable Dinosaur Erasers

What fun kids will have with these cute, moveable Dinosaur Erasers! These erasers are popular because their legs move. They are bright colors and will be a proud addition to your child's desk, pencil case or dinosaur collection.

Grow A Dinosaur

Can you imagine your child's thrill when you give him "Grow A Dinosaur"? This fun dino toy is an amazing and unique experience your child will not soon forget. Growing your dinosaur means placing one of these tiny dinos in a glass or container filled with water and watch as they get bigger and bigger. The end result is a T-Rex.

Paint Your Own Ceramic Dinosaur!

Look at this assortment of Ceramic Dinosaurs! This is an arts and crafts treasure chest of dino statues that your young dinosaur fan will be super thrilled with! There are 12 ceramic dinosaurs in this set, two of each type of dino. Set some aside for the next special occasion and put 6 into your child's Dinosaur Easter Basket!

Dinosaur Shaped Fun Bands

This Dinosaur shaped fun band pack is chock full of prehistoric fun. There are 50 bands in different dinosaur shapes that include the T-rex, the Triceratops, the Stegosaurus, the Brontosaurus, the Pterodactyl, and the Saurolophus in assorted colors. Any child who loves dinosaurs is going to really like getting these fun bands to wear and trade.

Cool Dinosaur Tattoos - More Fun Temporary Tattoo Designs

There are more temporary tattoos with bright and colorful dinosaurs on them. This set is different than the pack I showed you up at the top of this page. They are both cute and sure to make that boy or girl smile big when they see them.

Foam Dinosaur Shapes

Does your child enjoy arts and crafts? If so, they will really like this pack of foam dinosaur shapes with self adhesive backs. Just peel off the paper and stick the dinosaur where ever you like. Decorating and crafting is a blast from the past with this bag of 500 dinosaur shapes.

Bags Of Dinosaur Candy

Every Easter basket needs some candy and a Dinosaur Easter basket needs some dinosaur candy...and that's just what I found. Open a bag of peach and grape flavored dino candies and fill that basket with sweet stuff.

Dinosaur Party Favor Bag

This Dinosaur party favor bag is usually for a birthday party, but it would be the perfect addition to your Dinosaur Easter Basket. It has some Dino-Mite fun inside. It is a decorated and pre-filled bag that has a fun assortment of dinosaur toys and activities. This is a fun and easy way to create a Dinosaur Easter basket.

Plastic Dinosaur Toys

How exciting is a pack full of vinyl dinosaurs going to be to your child? Plan a Jurassic Treasure Hunt using dinosaur eggs found at the top of this page and these vinyl dinos instead of the same old Easter Egg Hunt. Change up the theme of your hunt to match the theme of the Easter basket you made.

Bake Some Dinosaur Cakes

These mini cakes shouldn't go in your Dinosaur Easter basket, but don't let that stop you from making them. These are fun to bake, fun to decorate and fun to eat for kids and adults. This silicone baking pan will make 8 dinosaur shaped mini cakes or cupcakes. I am not sure what to call them other that GREAT!

You will need some regular Easter candy for your Dinosaur Easter basket and you can find that on the right hand side of the page. Yummy jelly beans, chocolate eggs, Easter colored candy corn, Easter M&Ms, Peeps, Easter lollipops and much more. Just click on any of the pictures to see more candy ideas. And what to put that candy on? Here's some Easter grass...every Easter basket needs some grass. The Easter grass comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Dinosaur Party Ideas

When you see how thrilled your child is with this Dinosaur Easter Basket you will know what your next kids birthday party theme is. It's a Dinosaur Birthday, of course! Here are some really cute party ideas to help find the party supplies and decorations with a dinosaur theme to help you plan your next event.

Dinosaur Party Supplies

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