Dinosaur Dig As A Carnival Game

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Dinosaur Footprints For Carnival Game Fun

Dinosaur Footprints For Carnival Game Fun

You can make any game a carnival game. Dinosaur dig is a treasure hunt type of game. The kids will have to dig through the dirt or sand to find some items. In this case the items should pertain to dinosaurs. Some fun things you can hide are Dino-Mite skeletons (5 1/2" plastic dinosaurs), Dinosaur Rubber Duckies, Small Dinosaur Dig Kits, Dino Puzzles in Eggs or Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs. (I would wrap the inflatables up in Ziploc bags so they didn't get all dirty).

It is fun to watch the kids sift through the sand to find these toys and watch when someone does find one...everyone else begins to dig faster because now they are getting excited about the toy they will find.

You can set this game up in a box or a bucket or even a kids swimming pool or sand box. Fill your "Dig" up with sand or dirt...of course, sand is cleaner, give the kids a shovel to dig with or let them sift sand with their hands. You can let the kids dig for a certain amount of time or you can set a limit on how many dinos they can find. Of course, the prizes will be what they dug up.

I got all the ideas for what to hide from Oriental Trading Company. Just go there and type in dinosaurs and wait until you see all the really cool stuff that they have. It is ideal for a dino theme game or party.

You can find dinosaur game prizes at the Oriental Trading Company. You can also find party supplies, games, balloons and even Halloween costumes there.

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