Diego Party Ideas

Diego Party Ideas are great theme for kids parties. Diego is a great role model! His cartoons deliver a great message for all children. He and his friends Baby Jaguar, Rescue Pack, a Messenger Bag and the Bobo brothers help to rescue animals in the rainforest.

Diego is the cousin of Dora the Explorer and helps her on many of her adventures along with their other friends, Boots, the animal fiesta trio, Map and the talking Schoolbag. Diego and Dora are great as role models for little kids. They are fun, and brave, and do the right thing.

Check the Free Diego Coloring Pages, Music, Party Invitations and Go Diego Go Dinosaur Rescue game at the bottom of the page!

Diego Party Ideas are Great for All Kinds of Kid Parties!

Diego makes a great kid's party theme, and it can also be incorportated as a theme into any kind of kid's party:

  • Birthday parties
  • Sleepovers
  • School parties

For these parties, you can use Diego in the entertainment, food, cake, decorations, and goody bags. Diego inspired games and party activities can include:

  • Diego games
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Videos
  • Petting zoo
  • You can dress up like Diego!

Diego Party Games

Here's a Diego game you can buy that is like pin the tail on the donkey...but Diego style!

Diego Party Game

You can make up Diego word games and print out Diego coloring pages, give the kids some crayons and you've got some fun party games!

A Diego Piñata

The piñata can be filled with anything small and related to Diego and his adventures! You can find: plastic animals, plush animals, navigation toys (such as, compasses, maps, bags), pencils, notepads, and other items.

How about a Diego Birthday Cake?

Diego Cakes Decorating Kit

The best part of any party is...The Cake! You can make a great Diego Birthday Cake...and it's easy. Believe me, when I say easy, I mean very easy. I love to decorate cakes, but for some reason they never came out exactly as I plan, until I found cake top kits! These great little kits of theme related plastic pieces that I can just put on top of the cake...and Voila! Your cake will look like a professional cake decorator spent hours on it. But it was You!!

Diego Party Food Ideas

Why not serve party sandwiches! Any sandwich will do, but cut the crust off and cut each sandwich with a cookie cutter in an animal shape.

Don't feel like sandwiches? How about chicken nuggets? I can't ever remember having any chicken nuggets left if there are kids at the party. Kids just love them!

Diego Party Favor Ideas

Jungle and animal décor will work for a Diego party. Goody bags for the guests can be easy as well. Stickers, canteens, a spotting scope, pencils, compasses, small Diego poster or calendar, Diego picture, plush or plastic animal, and other similar items can be given in the bags.

Here are some really cool links where you can get some free Diego stuff to go along with your Go Diego Party Ideas!

Check out the links below for all kinds of Free Diego Clip Art, Coloring Pages, Go Diego Go Games and Free Printable Diego Party Invitations and Stationary!

Free Go Diego Go Clip Art

Free Go Diego Go Dinosaur Rescue Game

Free Go Diego Go Printable Party Invitations

Download Free Go Diego Go Music

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