Diaper Cake Directions

How To Make A Diaper Cake

Get Diaper Cake Directions. You can learn how to make a diaper cake for a baby shower gift. It is easy to do when you can see pictures of diaper cakes being assembled. And that is what you are going to find here, a video of a cake being made with diapers! These cakes are the cutest baby shower gifts...and they have lots of the stuff a new mom is going to need...diapers!

Supplies You Need To Make A Diaper Cake

Here are the supplies you are going to need.

  • Disposible Diapers size 1
  • lots of rubber bands
  • Champange in a bottle
  • A Large Tray
  • 7 Rubber Bands Extra Large
  • 6 Square Sheets of Tissue Paper White is Suggested
  • Scissors
  • 2 inch Satin Ribbon
  • Scotch Tape
  • Wide Ribbon with a Wire Edge...you choose the color and design

No, you cannot drink the champagne while you make the baby diaper cake! Take a look at how this lovely cake in the video is put together and you will have a good idea on how to make the diaper cake for your baby shower gift. Did you think about a theme yet? Once you see how to make this baby shower cake, you will be able to envision it in the theme that you like the best...perhaps to match the theme of the baby shower. Check out some popular themes below.

But first...

Here's How To Make A Diaper Cake

Here is a video that shows you how to make a diaper cake. It's easy and these diaper cake directions are free. Watch them until you feel comfortable enough to begin your own cake. Gather all the ingredients you will need...double check your supplies. It would be terrible if you began this diaper cake project and didn't have everything you needed.

Baby Diaper Cake Ideas

Follow these diaper cake directions and you can make a baby shower cake of your very own. You might want to give your cake a theme. Some very popular themes for baby shower diaper cakes are:

  • Barnyard
  • Boys
  • Construction
  • Farm
  • Cupcake
  • Safari
  • Noahs Ark
  • Pooh
  • Cowboy
  • Jungle
...Hey, it looks to me like boy diaper cakes outweigh girl diaper cakes...what do you think?

Where are all the princess theme cakes or the pretty little pink cakes? Don't all of the popular baby shower cake themes above sound like they are for boys?

You can find boxes to put your diaper cake in at your local bakery or cake decorating store. Call ahead to make sure you can find one that your cake will fit in.

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