Devoted Twilight Mom

by Pamela Campos
(Albuquerque NM)

I love the Twilight series.... I am on my 5th reading of the series now. Actually, for my 22nd Anniversary I got the Twilight books on CD for me and my husband to listen to together. He is loving the books too. So I have 2 1/2 sets of the books now. I only have Twilight and New Moon in paperback. Once the other two are in paperback I will have 3 complete sets.

I am going to a Twilight DVD Release party on Friday night and then I will have my own Twilight Party on Saturday evening. I can't decide what to serve... I am leaning toward pizza since that is the only human food Edward eats in the series...when Bella dares him in the cafetaria. And I haven't decided on drinks yet.... although I obviously want something red.

I love the red velvet cake idea........ That is soooooo perfect. Since Edward's voice is like velvet. I wonder if a bakery would put the book cover on the cake.

Thanks for all your great ideas........... I am so glad to hear someone loves the books as much as me!

I am not sure I would duplicate Bella's 18th Birthday... since it didn't have a happy ending in any way..... I.... kind of just want to forget that party ever happened... except for Edward's gift, of course.

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